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Day 1 C3, 02/24/11, Nashville, TN

wcathedralatt_g10_img_4209 Morning starts with a driving lap around Opryland due to a wrong turn but we make good time none the less. From the 40 West I see through the gray morning a shape in downtown Nashville – the twin spires of an enormous Gothic Cathedral – Nashville just got exciting – this has a Cathedral of Beuvais presence as it looms large over Nashville.

wcathedralatt_g10_img_4212 As we get closer my excitement fades as the building isn’t Gothic at all and the two spires are antennae of the AT&T building.

We tour Music Row in a drive through and I see from where the term “NashVegas” was born.

We get to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel and check in for the conference.

Meet Randy and Joshua of 8th Day Books (a great little book store) – Randy tells me a tale of exclusion and desire to find “home” – a deeply injured tale. But he loves God. I love the honesty.

Brian and I get breakfast at, of all places, a Jack in the Box… (because all else is closed and the hotel is charging $16 for oatmeal) BUT Southern hospitality is alive and well even in JintheB… it is raining out – Brian’s hair gets wet.

Brian goes to get his phone out of the car and I go to see the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception across the street. It is locked but I go round back and buzz in – to a very happy Tennessean voice, hospitable and accommodating. Snap a few photos with only the G10 but the battery dies.

C3 conference is about to begin – Brian and I stop to talk with Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio. I opt to record the conversation and it becomes a 35 minute interview of Ken. A highlight – many profound insights and affirmations that the FBA is on the right track. On record are many diamonds I will mine from for future writing on the FBA website… or I am just star struck since I have long enjoyed Mars Hills intelligent interviews on culture. http://www.marshillaudio.org/

I promise Ken I will get a subscription – he had a tough year – he needs subscriptions. I feel it necessary to help him get them as not everyone knows of Mars Hill Audio.

Conference starts and we hear Makato Fujimura speak about his Four Gospels Project. http://www.makotofujimura.com/four-holy-gospels/  More than an artist, he is a social visionary led by the Spirit anchored in his faith. He is an enlightened speaker as a result, speaking quietly from his heart, humbly.

Artists have been in exile from the Church (Fujimura). A diaspora of sorts (my words not Fujimura’s) – I understand. Much heard for later reflection and writing to the FBA.

From there we hear Ken Myers speak on “Discerning Cultural Disorder: Lessons from C.S.Lewis” and I teach Brian how to use the zoom on his iPhone camera… it makes Brian’s day.

I meet a neurosurgeon turn artist (painter) – his name is Tony Breuer who later sits with me at dinner, bringing neural–science into the conversation of perception. http://breuerworksart.com/

Dinner is terrific. Ken Myers is at our table as is Joshua and so is Frederica Mathewes-Green http://www.frederica.com/ and we begin a very interesting conversation when we have to all leave to board the bus to the TOKENS concert. It is fabulous. “Psalms, Songs, & the Fabric of Life” http://www.tokensshow.com/episodes/ A smart irreverent, touching performance of acting, music and comedy. Brilliant.

RAIN IS POURING – Tornado warnings – Nashville is dreading another flood… We leave the hotel but the parking gate is complicating our exit from the car park, eating the parking ticket and giving unclear instruction where to insert a credit card – with  the press of a help button, the gate raises and we are let go to leave without paying. Go figure.

Brian goes to bed – walk to A lobby to recall the day.

Late night – I get a hot chocolate and look online for a hotel in New York. It is 1:30am –no time left to edit photos for this post.

Around me, a lot of drunk folk loudly sharing there bliss.

It is the task of the Christian community to give witness and guidance in the living of life in a culture that is relentless in reducing, constricting and enervating this life.”
~Eugene Peterson in his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

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