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Day 3 IAM, 03/05/11, NY, NY

Last night was a late night – log the day briefly before heading out to the 3rd and final day of IAM.

(This is another very brief sketch of a log)

Late leaving for Tribreca, take the 1 line Uptown arriving in a few minutes at the Starbucks below the Cosmopolitan Hotel – use my Starbuck’s card for a Mint Tea with three packs of honey – my throat is scratchy – resisting the cold that is trying to overtake me. The server behind the counter is my nurse – putting two bags in my “Super Fantastic-a-matic Grande Lotto Smack- sized cup.

Meet Adrienne – head to the IAM Encounter. See the Saturday schedule: http://iamencounter.com/?page_id=13

Briefly – what is it about and what are people saying? Some of that is at the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/InternationalArtsMovement?ref=s

Because I am recapping (yesterday’s events) – that will do for now – but I will pest a reflection in a couple hours on the train to Connecticut (What I Learned From IAM).

Morning Speakers

Lunch – Adrienne and I eat at a Chipoltle conversing insights like this one: “Aspire to the Spire”. (more ion the insights in train post).

Head to the Armory Show   http://www.thearmoryshow.com/cgi-local/content.cgi walking the heated and crowded Modern presentation and then the overwhelming Contemporary. Adrienne pays our way in. I will pay for the Jazz later this evening.

Stripped down to a single layer of clothes, my heated feet in hiking boots throb under my crunched spine, stretch… too much NOISE in the room (talking of the art).

Lose my expensive thick Patagonia shirt… don’t know how – must of fallen on the floor somewhere between the Armory and travel to the bar.

Subway to bar in TriBeaCa. Adrienne has a Margarita, I a beer – we look up the schedule for the Blue Note and make plans.

Hit the closing of the IAM Encounter.

Zach Williams and the Bellow perform – great stuff


Say goodbyes to friends at IAM.

Go to eat in the East Village.

Called into an Italian restaurant that turns out to not only be a bargain and delicious, but also a reveal of God’s hand moving. A blessing. May elaborate later…

Gypsy Kings, Pavarotti, private service – triple desert for the price of a Tiramisu.  Adrienne.

It is 2AM

Back at Scott’s in FiDi by 2:30am. Pick up Coffee for Scott left me at the Front desk by Ruth – talk awhile with Angel (working graveyard – sounds like a pun).

Graced by 2 days of insight and glamour.

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