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First Draft FBA Done. Today is 03/05/10 in Steamboat Colorado.

It is snowing outside.

I finish typing the written changes to the FBA website content.

Coffee, eggs, and hash browns: I am thinking better food combining may be a thought for the future.

Print out the new FBA changes and arrange it on the table. Send selected choices of Finn photos to Dale and Jonalyn. Then go for a walk in the snow to get a Turkey sandwich and walk over to the ski mountain. I stand there eating my continuously refrigerated sandwich watching the skiers and snowboarders go by me on all sides. I am standing at the bottom of one of the runs.

Walking back to the condo I call Mom. She sounds better and says she is feeling better daily. I promise to see her right after I get back to California.

Book my flight to New Mexico for April 1st. Looking forward my week with the Nixons

Have pizza at the hospital with Dale and Jonalyn. Finn has to be kept for another week before going home. We have an hour to talk and visit. Always good conversation. Check out Dales FirstYearDad Blog.

Back at the condo I answer emails, type this log. Edit photos from Chicago and New York.

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