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God | G_d – I am here, 6/31/10 – 7/1/10am, Steamboat, CO

4am – awake – pray – all was packed last night – Keynote presentation was completed yesterday, tested to work well on a TV screen by remote from my iPhone.

All is good.

5:10am, bags in hand, I land downstairs to find Jack is up watching Sports Center and ready to take me to the airport.

I try to catch some sleep on the United flight out of John Wayne Airport but end up watching the provided entertainment… an episode of The Big Band Theory. After that is a History of the Hubble Telescope and what it has provided Science and human understanding of the cosmos – the images are stunning, especially the ultra deep field photo, with its galactic ballet of shapes and movement and colliding galaxies, gravitational pulls, and that this tiny stage of activity is but a patch in the field of space far more vast than our imagination can comprehend realistically…. and then, considering a peculiar fact that all the visible objects and all the dark matter only comprise 1/3 of the universe (that we know of)…. the other 2/3 is believed to be dark energy (quintessence) pushing the Universe apart.

How can one NOT think of God? Again I refer to the book of Job and God Questioning Job about Job’s knowledge of all things…

I jump planes in Denver and head into Hayden talking with Anne who’s father just died… She says she will take from our brief chat my infinity theory on Heavenly Arrival. How can I not smile?

The Soulation Retreat is off to a fine start.

Dale Jonalyn and Finn pick me up at the airport.

We stop for some food and Gelato – a little walk to the river, pick up some supplies at the store and I am dropped off at a Holiday Inn. My arrival is a day early prior to the retreat and the ‘retreat house’ availability.

Philip and Savannah have driven in from Memphis in a straight 20 hour drive through… I have texts on my phone – we plan to meet, get food, go up to White Woods and visit with Dale and Jonalyn for an early evening.

With the help of GPS, some good cheer, food in hand, we arrive at White Woods with a double rainbow gracing the sky, Aspen trees are spotted in late afternoon sunlight. Dale has a BBQ going with two steaks. the Ladies (happy Corgis) Lucy, Jane and Victoria great us.

The talk of meaning enters our minds in discussions revolving around Virgin Birth, Original Sin, the Tree of Life and the knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam, Jewish meaning vs Christian theology … context of culture versus academic argument on supposed meaning (such as in the term ‘metaphor’ and the use of metaphoer in understanding…as used in Jewish reflection of Genesis and the Cosmic Adam: “The Adam” being ALL of creation [not just 'man' in some Hebrew Study and understanding]).

Well, it has been a day and I retire to bed back at the Holiday inn. Tomorrow the retreat will officially start… but in a way – it has begun already.


Early morning. I arise. A conversation in my mind with a Rabbi (whom I actually first met at the Wall in Jerusalem). This conversation in the morning was not a conversation we had ever had but is the type we would have. I say God. He says G_d. We begin a debate as if we are not talking of the One God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I say we are. He says we are not. I say it is semantics. He says it is IDENTITY.

G_d says much more than merely being a general place holder for the ‘One (for lack of a better term)’ It identifies the promise of God to the Jews and references a spiritual relationship that is historic and succinct to a cultural identity – sanctified by God through the Law given by God to His people in a covenant between He and they. … and so it is that my thoughts carry me this morning.

I text Philip.  ” I woke up having a conversation in my mind with a rabbi I know… what is the difference in our conversation between God and G_d? What are those two symbols in communication and meaning contextually?”

Philip texts me back: “That is a good conversation. We should discuss over some coffee in a few minutes or something. Or Rex’s for lunch…”

This is what the retreat is all about !!!!!

We plan for hamburgers at Rex’s at 11:00 am.

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