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Ground Zero. Today is 02/11/10 in New York City

Awake to the classical Radio again. It is 7AM in New York.

Get started on Log for yesterday at 7:30 AM Get a late start – having trouble getting direction this time in N.Y.

Get to St Bartholomew. Then St. Thomas.

Then I spend a lot of time trying to find the subway station that will take me to the Financial District (lunch with Tony). Tony works at the 1 World Financial Building right next to Ground Zero.

In my lost state I happen upon a worker who happens to be lit just right by the early afternoon sun.

I eventually make it to the Financial District but it is nearly 3pm.

Tony and I get Lunch.

Walking out from the 1 World Financial Building takes me trough a construction zone corridor lined with images of the coming monument and replacement building for the extinguished Trade Towers. It is very emotional.

I come out of the corridor to a memorial wall on the side of Engine/Ladder Company 10 . I stop walking as the Firemen are backing in the engine. The Firemen are wearing their yellows; dusty, dirty. It chokes me up. Construction has started on the new building. I didn’t realize how close this fire house was – across the street – I am imagining, though I can’t, what it must have been like – I fight back tears. Very emotional.

I am at Trinity Church… it is overrun by ants (disguised as Japanese youth) running everywhere with their cameras taking photos with flashes firing like paparazzi – mementos of each other as as they flitter from one area to another and like water find any open crack to swarm into, every one of them taking the same photos of the same things and looking at their screens to compare. One couple of girls is told to get down from the alter. I am embarrassed to be there with my camera, and understand how “no photography” signs get made.

Get back to Tony’s and try making some progress editing the days photos – text Roie to see when she can meet for our every other year NYC reunion. Roie answers and we decide to meet up at The Coffee House bar.

I am first to arrive at 11p.m., and text Jack in the meantime while I wait.

Roie arrives. We start talking and it is always deep – she is a good thinker.

Tony arrives and the talk shifts.

By 3 a.m. I am ready to leave – just can’t do these late bar nights.

Tony is wound up and the life of the party and gives another memorable performance: Michael Jackson, Can’t Get Enough to the two bouncers (it was playing on the sound system, and Tony embellished). I am not in my rhythm – this is not working in the same vibe as Jerusalem. A long day and my head is not in the game yet.

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