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Happy Birthday, Brian. 7/13/10, Albuquerque, NM

The day starts with a simple plan – finish editing the Jemez photos, post the log, phone conference with Jack at 3pm…

Work the morning from teh  Nixon kitchen table.

After lunch, I leave with Brian for Calvary Albuquerque to work from Salomon’s Porch. On the drive we discuss what Brian believes is the overuse of the term “spiritual” abuse, and I think he is correct in his thinking.

3pm : I talk with Jack and work out the plan for constructing the FBA website: I design each page as is, simple and straightforward for investor/donor appeal to get it started as a temporary site – shoot the pages and assets and editable text to Jack as each page is completed.

A working site will be online by the next Steamboat Soulation Retreat and when I return to Laguna Hills,  we will construct the two blog sections, the forums,  and fine tune the back end  for web management. Great plan. The site will be available to my two chosen editors and we can also then fine tune the content as written.

The goal is to start the blogs as central to my ongoing dialogs of the arts within consecrated space…develop funding streams from grants and donors. As for the permanent site, it  will then be offered up to designer/coder teams in a competition… to push the limit and represent visually what the FBA will be advocating (form to follow concept as an example of the discipline (from where we get disciple) beyond just the site content. The ideas are welcomed and starting tomorrow I will put this into motion, happy to be getting this going forward.

Brian brings home a Siamese Cat to house sit.

The Nixons and I have birthday dinner for Brian at the Tomato Cafe – all you can eat Italian food bar – for $11!!!

We talk to the owner of Tomato Cafe – what I like most about Tomato Cafe is that they have donated over 60,000 lbs. of food to the homeless – as new pizzas and pastas and sauces etc. are introduced to the food bar, what ever is still at the food bar gets put into donation containers. Each morning, 5 days a week, a particular group comes and picks up the food delivering it to two local homeless shelters. The shelters have signed waivers and people less fortunate are fed. The owner tells us that in these economic times, the food does not go only to homeless but to families struggling that have signed up with the shelters. A model I wish more restaurants would adopt. Too much food is thrown to garbage daily across the United States and although many have thought to donate instead… lawsuits have have soured the charity. It is easier to throw the food away and less risky. But here in Albuquerque, I am told, as of 2002, laws were passed to minimize such claims and allow restaurants to be donors…

Brian receives his birthday present from the family: two finches. They get named: Blake and [C.S.] Lewis.

Turns out Cailan is allergic to Jade (the Siamese Cat), and now sports a face full of allergic rash. Good-bye Jade.

We watch Everest – I am super tired for some reason and retire for early bed.

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