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Hello Birdie! Today is 03/02/10 in Steamboat Colorado.

Wake at the Fincher Condo, have breakfast while watching 24 on Hulu, edit photos from snow walk, upload Daily Log and check my email: About 8a.m., Jonalyn’s water broke and they are on their way to the hospital!

Work on Foundation for the Biblical Arts website text – praying, and keeping an eye out for a notice from  Dale: little hard to concentrate while in anticipation.

Get a text from Dale: Finn Davies Fincher is born! Nine pounds, 12 ounces.


Dale sends a photo via emal and we talk briefly on the phone.

I am having a hard time getting into the writing for the FBA and my mind just isn’t in a work groove today. I really need a few days off doing nothing.

Stay in the condo all day. Try designing the graphics in Photoshop for the FBA website and even that is not working. Better to call it quits

Bed time comes around, glad today’s delivery went smooth and well for mother and child.

I choose to edit more photos before retiring.

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