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Hospital and Planes. Today is 03/08/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Wake, coffee, do all the final packing to leave Steamboat and end my “domestic tour”.

Had a diverse month and made new friends, discovered new places in the heartland of America. It was a good trip gaining some great discoveries of churches in Chicago specifically, and an introduction to Suppersessionism in Steamboat – the intellectual answer to the intuitive sense I gained from Jerusalem. Steamboat calmed me in family and a new child born, the beautiful Yampa Valley in snowfall, and the time I needed to congeal my Foundation for the Biblical Arts.

Dale calls and then comes to get me for the trip to the hospital to see Jonalyn and Finn. We are going to take some photos; Dale is wearing a sports coat and ready.

Jonalyn is chipper and relieved to finally have a prognosis on Finns need for antibiotics, oxygen and jaundice lamps. Both parents are smiling and able to face Finn’s recovery now with certainty.

We take a lot of photos in a short time (trying to be quiet for the other babies sleeping near by.

I bid farewell to Finn, then to Jonalyn and Dale and I head off to the airport nearby in Hayden. I won’t see Steamboat again until July. I will miss it in its snowy attire: so picturesque in the way I like picturesque. To think I laid dormant with the cameras… but then I was here to accomplish other things, and they were accomplished.

I bid farewell to Dale and head out to Salt Lake City (amazed that Hayden security always takes my bags apart).

I edit some of the latest Finn photos while waiting to connect to the OC flight out of Utah.

Although I can not post those yet, as I promised Dale and Jonalyn I would wait in respect of their desire to release photos of Finn at their discretion, I was given the “ok” to post this from our first session on the 4th.

So here is Little Finn Davies Fincher, the Red: “Fighting” Finn – Master Fincher:

I am on board to OC and fall asleep, awakened by the jolting breaks as the plane lands on California soil. That was a fast 90 minutes.

Jack picks me up at John Wayne – I am happy to be back and see my best friend. We head to Costco for steaks and fixin’s – we are making a BBQ grilled steak dinner tonight to celebrate my return. We eat and watch a little MMA… what can I say?

It is good catching up and by the time I return to editing more Finn photos for D&J, I fall asleep.

I am back in California.

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