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I Am On A Vacation. Today is 02/18/10 in York, PA

There is a knock on the door to invite me upstairs for breakfast; scrambles eggs embellished, fruit and French toast.

I have planned to do no work today but just hang out with the Steins.

We go to John’s to see his new photography studio. He and Judy are starting a photo business and I have been invited to see and talk to John about photography and such.

It is beautiful country buried in a snow drape. I brought the G10.

John’s studio space brings back the excitement of having a studio. John, a personal injury attorney, turns out to be a very good photographer, a natural with a good eye for moments, composition, and the soul of a person. I feel a little silly talking to him about my work but am enthusiastic talking to him about lighting and method. As always I talk to much. He has a 31mp Hassie and it is a beautiful piece of equipment that produces beautiful tones from what I see in John’s fashion shots. Seeing his work helps me further define what it is I am doing, which is less about photos and more about image acquisition. It is really clear to me.

Adrienne and I head out to her studio stopping for coffee on the way where she texts from the parking lot a letter to Randall (boyfriend).

Keeping lively conversation, we arrive at her studio and talk about her work, art, influences, and developing one’s own artistic voice.

We move in her plaster casts from the car – I take a break for a pretzel by the 580 Super L in the parking lot.

We arrive back at the Stein home for a lunch of left-over pizza, white bean chili soup and salad, with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream as a “calling my name” dessert.

Judy and Adrienne leave for the painting class that Adrienne teaches at the Art League while I stay back at the kitchen counter studying up for hotels in Chicago.

I hang out downstairs where Brad is talking to his mother on Skype. I am studying my DK Chicago book to figure out a little more about Chicago’s transit system.

Judy and Adrienne return. Judy and I look at the Vanity Fair photography book and I introduce her to Irving Penn and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Adrienne and I plan our day to Philli.

Its getting late but we all seem hungry for a late night snack soo Judy makes a quick curry chicken and rice with mandarin oranges and toasted almond mixed green salad on toast delight. It hits the spot.

I get a text from Victoria; mom is declining, weakened and coughing. She will keep me informed and is thinking she may need to be hospitalized – there is a doctor’s appointment for mom in the morning.

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