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I’m Just A Cephalopod. 7/11/10, Albuquerque, NM

The will be a simple one – I am editing photos and processing them for the rest of the day.

That is it.

Until the World Cup Final comes on TV. The Nixon home is a soccer home (soccer horns and all – no not like one would imagine – they just own soccer horns for live games).

Spain wins.

The Octopus predicted it. I predicted the Octopus would be the big news.

It predicted all winners of the times it was consulted as Oracle.

Do I joke? Nah – it is human nature. Paul even has a Facebook page! OH – and more

Who won the game again? Oh, yeah, Spain. Some say with the help of Paul.

We leave a bit to the Open Space museum. The G10 is with me and Brian and I take turns taking photos (remind me to only wear long pants!)

We stop at Hastings, a place to find books, movies, comic books, music CDs – new and used. I find a rare gift for Jack’s birthday… lucky day.

At dinner we found out it was a lead story on Yahoo and Brian and Isaiah were quick to create a song… but a search on You Tube revealed they were beat to a public presentation. My favorite so far, I’m Just a cephalopod…”

I finish the photo edits – update the logs I missed.

Have some wine and Chocolate (from the Soulation retreat) with Mel everyone else eats brownies by Sutherland (and milk)

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