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In the Tub, Ash Wed, 03/09/11, Chicago, IL


Still recouping from my cold – it is almost gone.

Not pushing my self.

Make coffee.

Vasco, I read in email, is now able to swallow.

Many prayers – prayers never stop.

Go over possible Paris itinerary in emails with Adrienne.

I will be trying to accomplish much for the two weeks I will be overseas (it is important I do not burn out prior to the 10 week tip starting September). But then, life is short, and what do we gain if we don’t dare the risk? Every day counts. There are fewer every day.

Arrange time to see Alan Ruddell from Albanese Friday evening.

Hear from Veronica at Old St. Pat’s – I am cleared for photos of the church tomorrow after noon mass.

wash_xg5z6891 Water hasn’t been run in this tub for a while… the rust first looks like blood – by the time I get a camera, the water has diluted the color.

Bathe, shave, and grab two cameras and head to Atonement for the 11am Ash Wed. Service.

Edit photos and take a couple of me since I have requests for my wrinkled mug – now seems appropriate with the ashes. Dust to Dust – born of dust and to return again to dust.

Eat left over pizza (a lot of pizza this trip!!)

Speak on the phone with my friend Nancy, her brother Bob had died.

She is in Southern California now, I wish I was there for her. She is my longest time female friend, 39 years. Over the phone, I heard her voice weaken and pause.


Finish editing photos from Ash Wed Service.


Begin to go over IAM notes.

Grocery store with Gary.

7pm Ash Wednesday Service / Mass. It has deeper meaning this time with out the cameras, being present with the service.

Gary introduces me to a show called Modern Family.

Dinner with Gary and J.D. Gary cooked spicy Szechwan beef/veges on brown rice.

Plan shoot schedule for tomorrow.

I ate too much (again – first trip I think I will return heavier than when I started).

Maybe I should give up large portions of food and emotional eating for Lent…

Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach is having a special Ash Wednesday service showing slideshows of my B&Ws:

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