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Inception. 7/24/10, Steamboat, CO

Mornings are late this time around at Cimarron.

I am typing in my room when Nate knocks on the door.

He has returned from breakfast with his Mom and came to see if I wanted to go into town with the rest of the gang.

We watch a quick preview of the Sigur Rós documentary “Heima” THIS has turned out to be quite the DVD since Albuquerque.

We all go out to the Fresh Garden restaurant (forgot the name) for cold local grown corn soup and sandwiches by the Yampa River.

Eric and Dale are out fly fishing.

Nate leaves for California to drum a gig for his church community.

At Cimarron we split up.

Eric and Randi stay for some rest, Kristie and Kelsey go river tubing, Hoops and I go to the local movie house to watch Inception.


After the movie, Hoops and I talk of all the emotional complexities found in the movie from Love and redemption to forgiveness and even personal anxieties (mostly mine – I have lived long enough to develop quite a  few). We talk all the way to White Woods where Ellyn has prepared an Elk and Turkey burger cookout.

Food as always is terrific and appreciated. Talk is good. Much of it centering around sexual awareness in the church, parenting, youth, community, family…

Kristie presents on being single in the church and in church ministry… the sun sets and the moon rises as she presents.

We discuss.

S’mores close the evening down around the outdoor fire pit. We invent the double toasted S’more.

The fire in the pit dims, we say goodbye and head back to town.

Hoops, Kelsey and I, carpooling, discuss the Fincher Vision for Whitewoods. People would volunteer and live on tents to help… ;)

We all retire for the evening to our rooms with much to think about on the Eve of our departure.

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