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Ink, 7/02/10, Steamboat, CO

Sounds and smells of breakfast tell me morning is come. I am in the loft at the Cimarron and hardly slept at all. I think it was the late afternoon coffee…

I come down stairs where Ellyn has coffee ready, home made breakfast breads and scone, quiche in the oven. It isn’t long before Ben, Molly, Savannah and Philip, Bill and Robin, Barry and Julia have plates of food and sitting around the dinning table.

The house is set up where the interaction of the guests is oriented to be like family. Today is a day with a lot of free time sandwiched between my morning presentation and Barry’s evening presentation.

Ben gives a copy of his new book, Supervillains and Philosophy to Dale.

Barry brings me a  March 11  copy of the Maui Time where he is given the cover for the first time.

Philip gives me a book to read, Jewish Christian Dialogue, Drawing Honey From the Rock

Dale and Jonalyn arrive with Finn and join the feast.

After eating Jonalyn begins our morning with a reading imagined from Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son

We all discuss.

I present my Keynote presentation on Consecrated Space and we discuss.

[I posted the keynote presentation notes in a low res PDF file for download. Click Here for a copy.]

The conversation is excellent and becomes a model for me of the type of discussion I would want to have with Church Elders considering the building of a new church or chapel. It is excellent.

Ben contributes these interesting considerations: the transcendent and the immanent life – consecrated can be both transcendent  (vertical : ex., a Gothic Cathedral, we can enter into that and feel swept up into the transcendent experience of that space; as though this has been set apart for God so you can have a transcendent sacral place) and immanent (what would it look like to have, say, a sacral immanent space thinking this might be a place where we have our day to day relationships where there is space set aside for God in the way we carry on our daily activity among our daily tasks and daily living – how we meet God there and with others in this daily life, and how God shows up for us there…) That we need both kinds of spaces – it is not an either or: both are important.

Talk continues as everyone has good input – thinking I was recording it all, when it turns out, I wasn’t.

With the sweep of my hand in a careless moment I knock over a glass of water onto my laptop. Thanks to Savannah’s quick nurturing and guard, my laptop is saved.

The conversation goes on for quite a while until we take off for a walk along the river, ending with gelato for all.

Back at the house we all relax – Barry, Julia and I hit the pool – Julia and I play ball with some kids from Australia.

Eventually we all have quiet time inside 13 Cimarron.

Barry asks, “Did you see my article published by a major film journal? It is one of the best things I have written!”

Barry presents INK – We discuss.

It was moving to many… thoughts of another world coexisting with ours is also discussed in a language that brings for me, new consideration of the scriptural passages referencing “spiritual warfare”.

Ultimately Barry and Ben and I stay up past midnight with the talk moving between movies and comic books.

When asked about tattoos as a final subject before bed, I am finally asked and decide that if I definitely had no choice in NOT having one, I would then have to say, given my slight commitment phobia… my Tattoo would read: “Are you Sure?

It is late – we all retire. Lights out.

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  1. Manya
    Posted July 11, 2010 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    How about “we’re almost where we’re at”?

  2. Jeff
    Posted July 13, 2010 at 8:49 am | Permalink

    I think that is my usual state of mind… (that was fun, no? I saw Patrice recently. Such a good guy.)

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