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Jemez. 7/12/10, Albuquerque, NM

Water was poured, lunches made, chips and brownies packed – the Nixon Clan and I take off for a day in the Jemez Mountains.

First stop Jemez Reservation: fried bread (honey and powder sugar), Indian Tacos, Velvet Ants. We take a little walk and shoot some photos.

We move on to Battleship – deciding to return later…

Listening to Zach Brown, we arrive at Jemez Falls. Taking off my new converse (a gift from Brian to inaugurate me into the Converse Style… Do they still make Red Ball Jets?) I step into the falls pool at top of the falls. I left my river shoes in Steamboat.

We hike around and head back to the car where we have lunch.

Willie Nelson songs country us into the Valles Caldera… a super volcano, erupting 500 times the volume of Mount St. Helen’s, it blew off 2500 ft of mountain top… stunning to consider.

We head back to Battleship Rock and hike to the top.

Lastly, feeling like we had a good work out – we stop in for a beer at the local bar, getting a bit of food for the drive back to Albuquerque.

But wait … passing the red rock of Jemez Reservation, the sun is better than this morning and clouds cast shadows: we pull over for some photos.

Back at the Clan Household, I edit today’s photos… log, have a bit of spaghetti leftovers and a Pepsi before falling asleep at the laptop.

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