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Last Day in California. Today is 02/08/10 in Laguna Hills

Coffee, computer – the two “C’”s – take care of email.

Finish packing for the month away, documenting domestically, New York City, York PA, Chicago, Denver Colorado, Springboat Colorado.

Leave for Laguna Beach to meet Donna G. at Lumberyard for lunch.

I get the time mixed up and arrive an hour early. Drink lot’s of water. Talk to Gianni (Donna’s Mom – “Mama Mia”) on the phone, she is taking painting lessons and needs to learn how to finish a painting. Ahh, the thing most difficult to teach.

Donna arrives and lunch begins. She is just finishing her sale of the Sherwood Gallery building and Sherwood Gallery as an entity from which she does a concrete/mortar business (30 years) and about to embark on a new life (so to speak). She comments that I don’t have a camera… I usually do – but after Jerusalem and shooting each day, I have taken a rest. Our talk centers around life (and also things I learned in Jerusalem). We have an enthusiastic conversation that can go another two hours. We have had a long friendship. It is so good to see her. The waitress brings a birthday cobbler.

I need to cut it short to also visit Jay J. and so Donna and I plan to continue when I return. Donna buys lunch for my birthday and slips me a 100 for my travel – really sweet. Her and Mike T.! Thank you both for supporting me and my work and believing in me.

Meet Jay J. at Starbucks. Deep conversation about roots and trees (Judaism and Christianity) – the guy has a brain. He seeks truth over tradition or dogma. He is a bit frustrated as I hear him speak – sometimes being on the edge of ideas, one isn’t easily heard by those huddled in the middle.

I have to head out to the Storage unit and get my gaiters for the snow…. find them and head back to Jack’s to tie up loose ends: write checks for Jack to send in when my bills arrive, file the S1-100 for the FBA, load files to the laptop to do my FBA work and to continue the Jerusalem Journal while I am away.

Donna had mentioned how interested she would be in a book just from seeing the photos I had posted… others too. It is in the woks  (eventually – can only do so many things at a time… first I am in the acquisition stage still… next stop: New York.

Annette, Jack and I hit Lucille’s for bon voyage dinner and a birthday candled ice cream.

Watch the final episode of Heroes.


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