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Last Day in Chicago (For This Time). Today is 02/25/10 in Colorado Springs.

John David let’s me know it is a bit after 7 am so I can wake and prepare for a 9 am departure.

The news is on in the kitchen and the coffee is ready to be made. J.D. and Gary made me feel completely a part of their home.

There is an email form Mark F. who wishes me well on my noble path saying, “ I truly believe there are no accidents and the road your on will bring you great benefit and to others great joy and inspiration. I believe that many who cross your path and share in your story will be inspired and a bit envious of the path you have charted. I wish you. The best and if we may be of service then let us know.”

Yet another day starts with a blessing.

I write the log entry for yesterday (it takes 90 minutes, I am a slow typist) and do laundry – John David is back from mass (seems to think I should meet Jackie one of his priests at Atonement – Gary and J.D. are playing matchmaker).

J.D.and I drive to O’Hare.

Security takes apart my ‘suspicious’ roller Carry – on leaving me to re pack at the security station.

Flight to Minneapolis is 70% empty. There is lots of room and though it is a short flight, I am able to edit more photos.

I realize I have lost my green shooting gloves (with the cut off finger tips for working the camera buttons) – lost in York, I am sure; lost my umbrella (the good one with the double layers with slits to withstand heavy winds so it will not be blown into a bowl) – lost in Detroit, I am sure; lost my Think Tank back pack rain cover – lost on the bridge in Chicago;, I am sure; lost my new good pants (what?), left in the Hotel Blake, I am sure.


Flight to Denver is packed.

Arrive at Denver and Julia picks me up to stay with her and Barry in Colorado Springs. Lot’s of interesting talk about what is “sexy”. Lot’s of laughs too.

We stop at a Popeye’s so I can fulfill my fried chicken craving that has been bugging me since yesterday’s walk in the Chicago cold.

We also stop and get some salad fixings, tea, 87% chocolate, and chocolate chip ice cream (to celebrate my and Barry’s February birthdays).

Julia prepares dinner and I edit photos.

Barry comes back from teaching film theory class.

We all have dinner and more interesting conversation.

Yes, I talk too much; I so dislike that.

Barry and Julia have a 5-foot beanbag like memory foam “love sack” and I think I will write in it tomorrow!

I am told to drink lot’s of water for the altitude.

We all retire for the night.

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