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Last Day In Memphis, 3/21/11, Memphis, TN

Coffee and chat with Philip. The fate of journalism is considered and Kendal and Nook are discussed as a reader…vs iPad.

Savannah is ready for the gym and has made an appointment for the future pulling of her wisdom teeth.

I pack for tomorrow’s departure, and make a stack for a postal box to ship (thus avoiding the stuffing of my two carry–on bags and the hang-ups I hit at O’Hare.

Find all links to the photographers I mentioned in the various Memphis discussions:

Herbert List

Irving Penn

Henri Cartier Bresson

Larry Sultan

Taryn Simon (the Innocents)

Nan Goldin

And  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nan_Goldin

Phil Toledano/ and Days With My Father

Warning – not for the weak: Joel-Peter Witkin

Chris Jordan (interesting statements)

Just stumbled on Karin Apolloni Muller

elmwoodxg5z7633 Leave for Post office to ship jeans, scarfs, books, gloves, notes, receipts.

St. John’s Orthodox. It is closed.

Elmwood Cemetery. Garmin gets me in some cul-de-sac … by the time I am out of the maze, I am lost. But I stumble upon an old factory.  Take some shots.

Find the cemetery – it is just around the corner.

Walk Elmwood for 90 minutes in the Memphis heat. Take the usual shots everyone shoots.

Back to the Factory – softer light.

I drank a Gatorade and need some relief… there are no cars on the street. I leave the car parked on the side of the road (though signs say “no parking the entire block”.  I step in to a broken door under a collapsed roof for some privacy – good thing too, a car drives by. Then another – I look out a hole in the wall, it is Memphis Police. I zip up and step out the door to see the squad car doing a Y turn and heading back toward Savannah and Philip’s Honda. I walk down the middle of the street with my  24-70mm lens on the1Ds mkII camera in my right hand, my left hand scratching my head through my beanie.

We meet in the middle of the street. I walk to the cop on the passenger side and wave. I say, “Hey.” He says, “What are you doing?” I say, taking photos of the factory – it’s a great find!”

He says, “OK”.



Thanks – hey are there any more factories like this one around here?”


“Ok, thanks”

The passenger cop writing on his palm pilot… they drive off.

I finish shooting the factory and then I take off too.

Philip, Savannah and I go out to eat at a Deli where I can get a salad bar (and a corn beef sandwich).

We get Frozen Custard to go afterward at Sheridan’s. We finish eating dessert in the out door sanctuary.

Talk a while upstairs on the floor. Savannah shows the beautiful photos she took the other night on her camera set on 64,000 ISO.  Philip and I look at the links I will post.

We all call it a night – our last night in Memphis. Our mini-Soulation retreat is drawing to an end.

I have a half a corned beef in the refrigerator.

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