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Maundy Thursday. Today is Thursday Still, 04/01/10 Albuquerque, NM

Rider on the storm – turmoil and turbulence seem to go together. The woman in front of me on the plane assumed the crash position sure we were not going to make it into Albuquerque alive. The plane drops, shimmies and drops some more – worse than a roller coaster. A lot of prayers are being thrown up on this Frontier Airline propellered top wing commuter plane. Mine included.

But we make it.

Brian N. is waiting outside the gate, and not holding a sign with my name… no one ever holds a sign with my name. What’s up Nixon?

nm_alb_day1_xg5z4003 Brian dons his tour guide cap and we hit the highway stopping at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque, the largest church in New Mexico. Brian has a meeting and I walk around looking for the legendary light. But the light has changed and there is little to shoot. Instead I walk into a memorial service in the main sanctuary and listen to speakers speak of God’s Love, a love that sees into us beyond our human failings…

Brian’s meeting is over and we meet up. We find Skip H. and I say hello – we talk cameras and Israel (Skip has been 31 times and shoots a Leica).

We grab a meal to go from the memorial service and I get my first taste of New Mexico style food and it is exceptional.

At their house we visit with Mel and the kids, Isaiah, Sutherland, Cailan. Brian just bought back his old guitar from his “Widow’s Mite” days for Isaiah. The Guitar case still says “B. Nixon”.

I get a tour of the house, Isaiah is putting life into the guitar. Mel has made dinner – we eat.

nm_alb_day1_img_3408 Brian and take off for Maundy Thursday at Christ the King Anglican Church where Fernando O. is on piano and leading worship. The light of the setting sun kisses the top of the distant mountain. I catch it with the G10 as a snapshot memento.

There is a feet washing during the service, I go have my feet washed but can not find a single other person’s feet to wash in return. I feel blessed none the less and the priest who washed my feet offered beautiful prayer during my washing.

Afterward Fernando comes and talks with us before continuing the service into communion and prayer (he and Margy briefly for a time, attended the Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach – this is how I came to know him – and I passed on greetings from Little Church).

The closing is moving and I am choked up.

Back at the house, people are going to bed while I post this log.

It is 11:30 in New Mexico – I am wiped out tired – tomorrow I rise again at 4:30 and Isaiah and I drive out to Chimayo : it will be Good Friday.

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