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Meaning and Themes. 7/25/10, Steamboat, CO

Wake at 8am and dash upstairs. Everyone is gathering around the table – I quickly jot down email addresses and phone numbers from the group.

I have a brief moment with Eric to discuss the  idea of  Corinthians 1,  3:16 &  6:19
Greek : one plural ‘you’ and one single ‘you’. (discussing the phrases most often used in siting proof & reasoning behind unadorned church buildings). I do not see anything there to state such proof and now know better.

Hoops blesses breakfast.

I ask Eric to teach me what he understands about the temple, ie., first thing one approached is the alter – one must make an offering before entering God’s holy place. Second was the water basin for cleansing (symbolic purification by water)

Randi gives me information about their church in Louisville: SOJOURN

It is my hope to have the FBA website available so that Sojourn Church may access it and consider bringing me out to  dialog over the consecrated possibilities in a segregated town, with a former Catholic church that Sojourn acquired.

We are asked to recall our most meaningful memory and what we would take home with us from the retreat.

The table is filled with  meaningful memories and moments.

Eric mentions Shalom and quotes Cornelius Plantinga “hospitality makes room for others to flourish”

Kelsey is coaxed to share and with tears, bravely rends emotional bandages from her budding soul. And it dawns on me:

“Bravery is the door through which Love enters”

I will take this revelation with me from Kelsey’s sharing.

The crock-pot of Cimmaron sees us Savoring Soulation Stew.

Eric mentions he had high expectations -  knowing Dale and Jonalyn for so long – that the retreat would be GOOD. I wondered, what if we approach the world without expectation knowing that it will be good (because we seek God). And I think to myself that ‘good’ needs redefining. Good is the depth and the breadth of a human life in all its fullness – tragedy and sorrow as well as joy, compassion, laughter, tears… it is in the fullness that we find connection that matters and growth that expands the awareness of our experience here on Earth. We are richer in this good.

Dale earlier had mentioned an idea he read by a messianic scholar… paraphrased: Original sin: we are born into the world under the rulership of the wrong king. I think I like this perspective, it makes more Theological sense  to me.

So many more good moments are shared and reflected upon.

I think it is Kristie who offers a quote: “I love therefore I am” …

Ellyn is happy for having been challenged into new delicious expressions with her culinary skills.

I wish I had recorded the content of it all for my memory… much was lost to the moment.

Jonalyn is relaxing into herself, lessening her control – her smile grows wide from the joy of her freedom.

Randi has emerged, her eyes are clearer than when she arrived and her countenance smiles.

A couple of my favorite moments centered around times with Hoops – his realizing Flesh to Nouwen’s words (mentioned from a few days ago), and our talk after seeing Inception. Really, though, there were micro moments throughout that continue to peer out from my layered memory – as always.

As for themes, mine for the third Soulation Retreat is “Acceptance.” It was peppered throughout the days in conversations and presentations. It is what I saw and heard most often. So I went with that.

Time is running out. I must finish packing to go. Dale is quoting from Narnia: a reflection.

First, Jonalyn wants to close with a last interpretive reading by Marilyn Chandler Mcintyre from her book of Van Gogh paintings. As Jonalyn reads, our eyes are closed imagining the painting we saw when the book was passed around the table – every line brings back flashes of memories relating to all the different conversations and sharing that took place on this retreat – which emotionally stirred me.

Dale closed again with his dramatic delivery of Psalm 23

Scott takes me to Hayden airport, a dash of BMW red… we talk about architecture. His website is Westelev.com

I fly into Denver and with time on my hands, begin to blog my Soulation recollections from today – but what is up with the free WiFi here at the airport – I am kicked off several times… and my writing is lost. Frustrating.

My seat is change to an Exit row – surprise.

On flight I sit next to Army Sgt Dumas. He is returning from Iraq on his way to Ontario but by a strange twist, missed his flight and is now on this flight to John Wayne. He is in full Camo Dress. He shares with me his photos from Irag on his digital camera. He is a gunner using a mounted M240 Bravo.

Though he missed his flight, a man wrote him a note on a card and handed him 5 $100 bills, a lady paid for his magazines. He is polite and respectful. People are thanking him for his service. I offer him a gourmet chocolate. He gives me a commemorative  coin from Iraq (saying he was going to give one to the next person who gave him something). We talk about a lot of things.

Sgt. Dumas and I part at Landing – now I wish I had gotten his email or a Facebook link… He is going back to Iraq in two weeks to a undisciplined unit – I have a bad feeling… his goal is to get to Afghanistan (telling me about recent minerals found there and I bet this changes US involvement). He is 40.

Jack picks me up at the airport sick as a dog (what does that mean?). I hand him the copy of Fantastic Four #72 I found at the Albuquerque Hastings (not pristine and only $2). It was a find for Jack’s birthday.

I am back in Laguna Hills.

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