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Museum, 03/11/11, Chicago, IL

Sporadic sleep, wake early – 8.9 Earthquake off Japan, tsunami warning for Hawaii.

Morning starts with ominous news. Stay glued to news to see if threat to Hawaii and California is real.

At this time 280 reported dead in Japan.

Catch the bus to the museum.

Meet Art at the bus stop. A Jewish lad from Brazil via Miami here on an intern program  as a student copywriter. We talk all the way into downtown. http://cargocollective.com/arturbenchimol

Talk on the bus to a diplomat from the Philippines on his way to work at his consulate, helping me be sure I make the correct bus stop.

Land at Millennium Park and do the Bean.

Walk over and get in line at the Art Institute of Chicago.

See the photos in American Modern : Abbott, Evans, Bourke-White

wmiller_davesphotojeff_l_dsc0470_003wb_srgb_plussat_usm Make the entire museum this time out. Take some time to transcribe IAM notes while in the cafeteria (the laptop is with me).

I get a great email from Andy, the director of maintenance at Old Saint Pat’s… our conversation moved him in a positive way and I reflect – last year, I was locked out from Old St. Pat’s, called to get entrance but it just was not going to be on that cold snowy day… but here a year later – St. Pat’s is left open for me by Veronica at the office and I meet Andy who says: “…the extraordinary views that you were able to pass onto me in under 30 minutes and how refreshing it was to see someone who is not of the cloth light a fire about religion that didn’t require guilt on my part.”  GOD, is good, indeed. He is good. And a blessed connection is made, and the Spirit moved. I think to not be upset by locked doors in the future. God’s timing is sublime and His Grace sufficient.

Head out to Millennium Park again and a man comes up to me and starts a conversation, asking if I got any good shots. He too is a photographer. His name is Dave. We talk a long time. He snaps a photo I like – I seriously am considering jumping to Nikon.

He walks me over to Miller’s Pub where I meet Alan for dinner. We used to work together for Albanese wmillerjeffphoto Confectionery. Alan came up from Indiana on the train. He too snapped a photo with his iPhone showing me a photo Ap he bought. Very cool Ap.  Eat the signature ribs Miller’s is famous for, here is a shot of me with the Miller BBQ Sauce.

It was great to see Alan again! He catches the 11 pm train back to Indiana.

Catch the L back to the rectory.

I hear the death toll is over 1000 now in Japan. So many prayers.

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