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Memphis Ribs, 03/12/11, Memphis, TN

Wake /pack/ news… Nuclear reactor in Japan has exploded. Watching the devastation in Japan from the quake/tsunami.

Charles, the Atonement Organist stayed in one of the guest rooms, he awakes and we talk – he fills me in on about 7 more churches I missed. Chicago! I do declare!

Looks like a July trip will be planned to return and finish the document.

J.D. and Robert drive me to O’Hare, Robert sits in J.D.s lap for the drive.

More insight in creating the community and the church that ought to be.

My airport luck runs out this time at O’Hare. The kiosk does not print my ticket. Next Kiosk only prints receipt, but with out my glasses, I do not see it is not my boarding pass. I am not admitted into the line that will get me to security because I have my laptop case outside of my roller bag (where it is normally zipped inside, but because I know the roller will be checked at the plane as a carry on-check-in – I am saving the time of having to remove my laptop bag by already having it out…I didn’t pack the roller case this time to allow room for the laptop).  I am made to put my empty laptop bag into my roller and carry my unprotected laptop into the security line area (and now I only have thoughts of dropping it as I just paid to have a dropped case repaired 6 weeks ago). I am a bit peeved and loose my cool, but comply. Once at security I am not allowed in with out the boarding pass and go out to the check-in counter for a boarding pass.

OK – now, back at security – BOTH my bags are pulled offline for security checks… why the camera bag I do not know – they only swab the top compartment for residue and leave the rest unchecked. The other bag… well let me say, Metamucil in baggies looks like drugs. ‘nuff said.

I take out my computer and strap it over my shoulder knowing I will have to check the roller at the air bridge. NOPE. Same thing happens at boarding that happened at the ticket counter area going to security, and I have to stuff the computer into the roller and dress up like the Michelin man with all the extra clothes so my computer bag with computer will fit… roller is tagged – good to go.

At the bottom of the air bridge, at the door to the plane, I am able to remove the computer bag from the roller case… but not a bad run considering this is the first airport to have done this and I know better to pack accordingly next time as I normally do … and maybe also next time – I will throw the Metamucil into its own plastic tray at x-ray.

All good.

Arrive in Memphis to see my happy Savannah and Philip! We hug.

Lunch (more BBQ ribs – this time dry rub style) and tour of Memphis.

Savannah points out woman-man with pink pony tank-top. Welcome to Memphis.

Savannah gets her knee stuck in railing while over-looking the Mississippi River.

Looking for restroom, there are none anywhere –only one available is in the basement of a Walgreens where I speak with a man holding a black medium sized desk radio and some other belongings, he too is waiting for the single toilet in the underground catacombs of Walgreens. I offer the man some gum– he can no longer chew gum, because it pulls his fillings out. He is nice enough. We talk a while.

We take 40 East to the burbs where Philip and Savannah have three bathrooms.

I find out I am a catalyst. They cleaned their house and put in a patio. I am honored.

Philip and I eat ice cream. Their house is beautiful.

I have a new friend in Amydog.

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