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My Birthday / First Night in New York. Today is 02/09/10 in Laguna Hills

Up at 5 taking care of final things and get ready for the airport.

Jack and I leave for John Wayne in the FJ. I am a bit worried I may have to check one of my carry-ons as I had to in Tel Aviv

Arrive at Delta and precede to security.

Man asks if I am first class, I say, “I wish” he directs me to the first class security line since it is shorter. Hey, nice start.

No hassles at security (often there is with all the equipment I pack and I go knowing that and expecting to be searched). No search. Move on through to boarding.

Turns out the flight is direct not non-stop so there is a stop in the Twin Cities.

The first leg of my flight is half full and I have a row to myself. Delta is trying out wifi service and so I pay 10 dollars and am connected.

I want to thank all my friends on Facebook who wished me a happy birthday – it was like being on the flight with you as we interacted. It was way cool.

I skype Jack and it is like we are flying together in a remote way.

During the hour lay over I call Adrienne and we put together a skeletal meeting plan for the 17th.

Second leg of the flight is full and the only place I can put my one overhead carry on is in the last bin of the last row of first class. But my seating area is crammed. We take off and it turns out there is one empty row on the plane – the row behind the last row of first class. So I move and take it.

Study the new release of Aperture 3.0 and watch the tutorials.

DO the camera on skype with Jack just before landing at JFK. No snow on the ground.

Outside I meet a group of Indonesian youth going to a conference for the UN. Talk for the while and during the bus ride with Dhimas – his aspiration is if there is opportunity, to work for the UN. It is the groups first time in the USA except for one of the boys who grew up for 7 years in Missouri while his parent went to school for an agricultural degree. Dhimas noted, here we were, a Muslim and a Christian getting along well and enjoying the conversation with one another.  The Indonesian youth are headed to Port Authority for a bus to Boston.

Get off the bus at the Metro by Grand Central and use my new iPhone Subway AP… works well. Thanks for the recommend Jack.

Take the subway to the Union Station but while there, I Jones to take a shot and so pull out a camera.

I walk to Tony’s. It isn’t far – it is getting cold. Cardinal the doorman, lets me in – the super gives me a key to the apartment.

Call Tony – he’ll be at the apartment close to 9:45 – I take a camera and head out to walk around the neighborhood.

I am taking a photo of a man in a bagel shop when another man in a suit named John stops to ask me if I am excited for tomorrow’s snowstorm. I am. He tells me of a photo he once took in the snow of people in a flower store, how he messed with the manual settings and underexposed but the snow tricked the sensor and he had captured these beautiful colors and tones in the couple’s faces, their skin tones, how the couple hammed it up – we talked about what I do and about New York, he sells commercial real-estate here in the East Village, his son grew up here when New York was a bit mor scary…. A while later I let him know that I would never have the conversation we just had in California.

I walk around the block but my hands are starting to feel the cold and I head back to the apartment.

Tony arrives – it is good to see him again – it has been a couple years.

We eat at the Coffee Shop. I have the Meatloaf. This is my birthday meal and it is good.

Tony and I head out to see the Presbyterian and Episcopalian churches a block from his apartment and then head back to the apartment.

The couch looks good – I am told it folds out into a bed, but I like the idea of sleeping on the sofa. We talk. Call it a night. Tomorrow the snow arrives.

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  1. monika
    Posted February 10, 2010 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    happy birthday jeff and GOD BLESS you travels. had a party at my home for 4 february babies, our age, take a snowcheck on coconut truffle cupcakes. have a blast. p.s. my son lives in denver. there is a cathedral downtown, are you photoing it? and 5 churches on montview blvd where matthew and rachel live. go to the natural history museum there too.

  2. Posted February 28, 2010 at 2:19 am | Permalink

    Hello there!
    Hi Jeff! how you doin?
    I hope you doin well.
    wow, you have a very nice blog, I ve read some and its cool, you wrote all your day here,moreover, you always have nice story to tell. I surely will keep up with it.

    By the way, the day we met, it was your birthday!
    oh man, a very Happy Birthday!!! we say it, Selamat Ulang Tahun in our language. :D . Hope you can do and have the best for the rest, i know you will. :D
    it was very nice to meet you, it was a very nice beginning, I landed my feet on US for the first time, and I met you, thank God I met a nice man :D

    so yupp, here we are, I am already back in Indonesia and doin my daily life, and you in US, keep up the good work Jeff.
    you can also open my blog, but most of them are written in Bahasa Indonesia, except this one, check it out.

    Warm Regards from Indonesia
    Dhimas :D , hope to see you again.

  3. Posted February 28, 2010 at 9:03 am | Permalink

    Thanks Dhimas for hte birthday wish – yes, 52 years now, and counting.
    We met day one of this current trip and i have one week left to go before returning to California. I hope to do a lot of writing the last week while I stay in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (Western side of the United States).
    I will check out your blog later today when my work is done.
    Be well, Dhimas,

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