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RECAP, May 11, Airplane Above U.S. Enroute to Paris:

One Week Ago…

May 4th, Brian picks me up at Albuquerque International. It is afternoon.

Early dinner with the Nixon family, then, early evening photos shoot at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque: backstage Skip Heitzig and evening teaching.

Back to the Nixon home to edit evening’s photos. Late night/ little sleep – altitude is making me head-fuzzed and dizzy.

May 5th
, 6:30 AM – leave for Calvary: photos of Skip and the Mayor and devout faithful as they gather for National Day of Prayer meeting, praying for the nation, our governments officials, soldiers, jobless, the sick…

Breakfast Burrito at SoPo (Solomon’s Porch). Bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and red chili in a large tortilla – it must weigh a pound at least.

Edit photos.

Brian takes me to the Heitzig home at 2:30 for photo session with Skip and Lenya-individually and together. Brandi, Calvary’s Art Director assists at the shoot directing some of the shots for her needs.

Introduce Skip to Silver Efex Pro 2. Among other things, we have photography in common.

Nixons – Sushi and tempura dinner.

Evening, edit photos until 12:30 AM for next day delivery.


May 6th – meet Brandi, Kahn, and Nicki (Calvary Graphic Design Department)for photo excursion to Cliff’s Amusement Park. Park is closed – we have carte blanche and free reign. Even get to ride the crazy roller coaster. Blood returns to my face in an hour…

Back at Calvary I talk photo/post with Brandi before Brian whisks me out for an emergency photo session of singer songwriter Fernando Ortega.

Shoot photos of Fernando at his home – photos for pending interview and release of Fernando’s new album. The shoot goes well.

Dinner with Nixon’s at the bowling alley restaurant, Ezra’s : we are all surprised by how good the food is – Fernando recommended we try it. It had been written up in the paper. Score!

Edit photos until 1:30 AM ~ No rest this trip.

May 7th
, Ortega photo selections and retouch for production. Bed by Midnight, but all work is done so far, Calvary included. Won’t be time after Albuquerque as the departure to France is on the heels of my return to California.

May 8th, Mother’s Day. Shoot Skip’s family at Calvary and then grandson Seth’s dedication – it is also Son Nate’s birthday.

I remember my Mom.

Continue to shoot service with permission from Lenya to move around but am stopped by security three times once threatened to be escorted out by security – hazards of the job, and the fact that security wasn’t notified and I wasn’t wearing a badge. Live and learn (again).

Talk with Dave Row, “It’s a good day.” A chat I will write about later.

Late breakfast with the Nixons at a favorite cafe – we pound chips and salsa – I order a burrito “Christmas” (red and green chilies).

Edit photos. fariryriver-lefever2011
We go for a walk along the aqueduct (real name before post) to Flying Star for desert – Mel is taking photos for Mother’s day. I bring the G10 and shoot the “Fairy River.”

Meet with the Gats at Flying Star. Brian ordered me a Chocolate Mouse Pie…

At the Nixon’s, the Gats visit, wine and cheese. I edit photos.

May 9th – Drop off photos with Brandi at Calvary. It was a good work trip. Brandi has my missing Ids mkII camera eyepiece – I thought it was lost for good. That makes my morning.

Bid Brian and Mel goodbye.

Our time was short.

Leave for Orange County California.

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