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No Moore Saturday. Today is 03/06/10 in Steamboat Colorado.

Dry eyes, hard to open, dip my head in water and look around. Make coffee, answer emails, read more of the book Dale gave me and begin to edit more of the church photos from Chicago.

Bill and Robin Moore were suppose to be here with me this weekend at the Steamboat condo but are sick.

They opted to not spread the germ and stayed back at the family wedding they were attending in Denver.

They are missed. We will see each other in July at the Soulation Retreat retreat and conquer the Yampa River once again with inner-tubes and nerve.

Make a salad and watch “flip that house”. It is a casual morning.

Dale calls. Do I want to go on Jonalyn’s first drive since birthing? I say yes. I walk to the hospital: it isn’t far, though I do miss a turn and take a longer way. But the exercise is good and only puts me 10 minutes out. Jonalyn is doing great and Finn is making great progress, eating like a horse! We drive through Strawberry Park. It is a beautiful sunny day.

Dale drops me back at the Condo where we talk about the meaning of supersessionism, if it is corrected, what does that mean with regard to consecrated space… how would it look. All of a sudden, in our conversation, I realize the careful thoughtfulness required in considering imagery for such a high placement in terms of meaning and respect – what theology is expressed… change theological context and the imagery must reflect that.

I go back to editing Chicago and am moved in reflection by the photos from St. John Cantius.

Get a call from Dale about dinner – he and I have dinner while Jonalyn feeds Finn and rests.
We meet up with Jonalyn at the hospital and watch an episode of the office. We laugh hard when Pam breast-feeds the wrong baby (in the show).

Dale returns me to the condo for a good nights rest.

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  1. Julia Wurst
    Posted March 7, 2010 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    Bummer about Robin and Bill! Barry and I watched that episode of The Office and laughed so hard. I had to watch it twice! Good times. Anyways, glad you’re making progress on your site and relaxing a bit.

  2. Posted March 8, 2010 at 12:43 am | Permalink

    Its a funny show – I leave for California in the morning. I hear you and Barry are confirmed for the retreat! Great!

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