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Not THAT trip…03/02/11, NY, NY

Early morning Scott is on the phone taking care of business.

I have a hard time getting up and out, but eventually do with camera and lenses.

wjackxg5z6728 Start with a quick stop at Trinity Church.

Take photos.

Take two from looking into The Palms restaurant for Jack.

Walk  the route to the IAM conference taking Trinity to Chambers, left on Chambers past the Cosmopolitan hotel and just two blocks to the conference. All in all about 15 – 20 minutes. wjackxg5z6729

Conference starts tomorrow.

I am walking the city, around the west side of lower Manhattan past the Jewish Museum, Battery park, over to the Brooklyn Ferry, up Wall Street – taking some photos but not finding my heart or any purpose in them. The usual things I find interesting to document are not moving me to shoot with any enthusiasm or discovery.

I stop at the Wall Street Café and get a Roast Beef sandwich. Good lunch – thinking of having Pizza here tomorrow…

wtrinityinsidexg5z6712 I sit and think, why aren’t I getting into the photos? Then it dawns on my that this is not THAT type of trip. I booked the trip for the IAM conference – not to shoot. I do not feel on assignment and hence feel like I would rather be working on the computer compiling the rest of the notes from the C3 (yep, as long as the notes were I posted yesterday, there are twice as much more to put into a word doc).

Decide the only photos I want to take are light studies of Trinity from the 24th floor deck of Scott’s building.

wrectorxg5z6751 I return to Scotts building and sit in the library to work on the computer. Call Karin about a train to Connecticut. She is a big help and all is taken care of.

Scott is back from work – leaving for Jersey for the night.

We go get coffee.

Light is fading so I hurry to the 24th floor deck.

It is closed until the 4th for repair! Just my luck.

wtrinitysunsetxg5z6787 Stand on the window sill in my socks shooting through the window glass. Determined to get something of Trinity as this is the only night left I will have this chance.

Edit photos from the day unenthusiastically and start to fall asleep.

Pack-up, return to Scott’s. Eat the other half of my Roast Beef sandwich, some of Scott’s pasta, and some dry cereal as a desert… ummmm um – Maple.

Put the log together and finished editing photos… the TV is on. Winding down.

I recall the secret Garrard gave us last night to the perfect meatball: Stale bread (or Wonder Bread) soaked in milk for about 20 minutes– seasoned of course. Squeeze the milk from the bread and mix with the meat (ratio is more bread than meat to compose the ball). AND the preferred tomato for sauce is cherry tomatoes preferably, canned cherry tomatoes.

Tomorrow is IAM.

Happy Birthday Finn – you are one!

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