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On My Own and Bad News. Today is 02/12/10 in New York City

Chez Antoine sleeps in: it is 9A.M.

I am making my plans and notes for the day and trying to route it all, while Tony continues to take advantage of not going to work – he leave for Florida tonight for a week at Disney World with friends – Uncle Tony.

It is time to go, I let Tony know I am going – we say good-bye and I thank him for his hospitality.

Staring local I go to 5th Ave and begin at the Presby Church Tony attends – it is closed.

Moving on, I stop at the Church of the Ascension, and it is under renovation (it is getting a new organ and will be the only church on 5th Ave with a French made organ – and they are repairing structural damage – they are a historical landmark but the city will not help with the restoration or safety measures). I am told to return in a year.

Moving on I stop at Grace Church and am enamored. It too has sustained heavy water damage. What a shame as there are few artisans who can repair the work here.

Walking the wrong way to the next group of churches, I spend the time photographing people on the street until I finally turn around and head off in the right direction.

Stop at the Marble Collegiate but they are closed (since 3… it is 4. I may have made it had I walked the right direction). They have ribbons along their fence with the names of all the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan; again, a moving tribute (two days in a row). It really brought the impact of the deaths home for me.

I move to a church called “The Little Church Around the Corner”.  This by far is my favorite of the day, and I want to just sit hear and be quiet. I pay 50 cents to light a candle and pray for my Mom. It just felt like the right thing to do.

Time for one last church, so I walk over to St John Baptist. It is very active. A few people are doing the Stations, kneeling and praying. I see a woman who is obsessive compulsive sitting in the back row, taking layers of clothes off and putting them on over and over again (unless this is something else I am unfamiliar with). I choose not to photograph her.

A service starts and so I sit down. A woman is at the lectern and it is a call and response type service. I participate for about 20 minutes and have memorized, “Hail Mary, full of Grace, Blessed among women, Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.”

As I walk back to the apartment, that call continues to play in my head.

My cell phone rings.

It is my sister.

Our mom is in the emergency room. No diagnosis yet but they are running her through tests to find what is causing her to fail. Steve is there too and apparently he has pneumonia.

I await further updates from Victoria.

At the apartment I edit a few photos and metatag them all.

Eat brown rice and apples (with a garnish of peanut butter).

Watch the Lemonade Movie (the full movie – it is on hulu) It is the #1 watched movie on Hulu two days running.

Wait to hear an update from Victoria.

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