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Our Lady of Guadalupe Leads Me… It Is 4/05/10 in Albuquerque, NM.

Another early day out the door, Brian and I are headed to Christ in the Desert. We pick up Uncle Mark.

On the road for an hour or so, seeing beautiful dessert and talking, we are driving through Espanola when we pass a house. The house has Guadalupe Virgin Mary painted on a yellow ocher wall. I think I also see a abandoned school bus with the name Jesus spray painted on the side and I ask Brian to stop the car and turn around.

As we return to the house I see the bus does not say Jesus but the house become a point of interest. It is a fire victim and loaded with rich texture, a photographic goldmine. Brian and Mark stay up on the street by the car, and although Brian is a bit nervous from our presence drawing unwanted attention, I stay photographing below deep in the recesses of the tragic house. I enter a couple rooms, a 70’s dresser with damaged mirror, a dilapidated olive green couch… on the wall hardly touched but effected by the heat is a framed picture of a painted crucified Jesus, another room has a mattress and another picture of Jesus… I am in photo find heaven.

We continue down the road to Abiquiu where we add Dave G. to our group and visit his family’s homes in Abiquiu, O’Keef’s house, the church in Abiquiu (Where I am asked to leave, as it is the Day of Adoration, no photos)…an abandoned house with a interesting still life of books… (it is a day for abandoned things).

Dave’s wife and kids come get him for Ghost Ranch, while Brian, Mark and I pick up some killer green chili burgers at Bodies.

We continue our journey to Christ in the Desert Monastery, and all though the light is not suitable, the experience is impressive as the scene is unique and extraordinary.

Unfortunately we get a flat tire, and the spare is flat, the jack is broken and the pump to fill the spare is weak… but we borrow a jack, change the tire and hit the road home.

My favorite shot of the day (as called out to me by Our Lady of Guadalupe):

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