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Philidelphia. Today is 02/19/10 in Philidelphia, PA

A gentle door rapping lets me know the day is to start, Adrienne is there in striped pajamas looking to me like she could wear that to an art opening.

Coffee and a small slice of chocolate cake and Judy and I spend much of the morning talking about her business and looking at Rankin’s photography.

It takes a while because of all the conversation, but Adrienne and I eventually leave on our journey to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia – the city grabs me and I think I could live here.

The Philly experience starts at Geno’s with e Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with their hot hot sauce and hot chili tomatoes – WOW.

Walking back to the car we notice the Rim Café is voted best hot chocolate in Philadelphia. We want to try it but it does not open until 6pm. We vow to return and head off to the Philadelphia Museum to see the Picasso show – which does not start until the 24th.

We get to the top of the museum stairs and I turn to take the Rocky Balboa view of Philly. Inside I am told we cannot see the Picasso show, as it is not open to the public yet – but I plead and am told if I join I can go to tonight’s member preview. Pleading some more we eventually settles at 30 per ticket instead of double memberships and Adrienne and I have two tickets for the show.

We enjoy the work, and the docent tour. I enjoy seeing Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 again. Duchamp’s “The Bride Stripped Bare of Her Bachelors, Even”  is also at the museum.

Live Jazz is playing and can be heard as we walk around looking at the collection.  I start a new work called, “Adrienne with Art.”

Leaving the museum, we complete our vow by arriving for hot chocolate at the Rim Café. http://www.rimcafe.com/ We meet the owner Renee who wows us with his French enthusiasm, building us a Spicy Volcano and a Killerrr (90% dark chocolate) – never had anything like this before. Renee puts all his customers on Facebook too!

We drive back to York – tired as can be.

Judy added peanut butter frosting to the chocolate cake.

I talk to Victoria about Mom’s doctor visit.

Daily Log/ Edit photos – it is 2 am and it was a full and memorable day.

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