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Piercings. 7/21/10, Steamboat, CO

Brian and I leave early for the airport. I am leaving Albuquerque.

It is 6;30 am and there is a rainbow lit by the morning sun in the western sky.

Brian is Slipperman and  I am Jean Boy.

We hug goodbye – perhaps to continue in October…

Flight to Denver is quick. Next to me is Rico – he pops his chair back and the large lady behind him decides to antagonize him for the rest f the trip. Rico doesn’t budge.

Rico part owns a building (financial partner) in Las Vegas full of artist lofts, The Arts Factory.

Flight to Steamboat, however, is delayed to mechanical set-backs: 3 hours.

I call my Mom – she is not well. (later in the day I fond out she will be admitted to the hospital again… this time E. Coli found in her blood).

I finally arrive in Steamboat and Dale scoops me up from the front of Hayden. We arrive at Cimarron 13 in time to start the hike to Fish Creek Falls.

Eric, Randi, Hoops, Dale and Jonalyn and Finn and I hike to the top, getting to know one another.

Back at Cimarron, Ellyn has prepared our food -  Kelsey, Nate have joined the group in time the opening presentation and introductions where we describe ourselves in a couple sentences only to be reminded that this week, we are none of those descriptors, but all one in Christ….

Dale does his reading from Ray Bradbury about the feeling of shoes, engaging our imaginations.

We discuss.

Gourmet Chocolates are given out and we all experience the sense of smell and taste – the retreat is about engaging all our senses as well as our minds and hearts.

Kristie arrives and joins us all.

Jonalyn reads a story written imaginatively from Vermeer’s painting, The Milk Maid.

We discuss.

I present my slideshow: Meditation in B&W: Life a Reflection.

We discuss.

Randi notices all the “piercings”:  the pierced…

The feedback and responses are terrific.

By 10:15 all have retired to their rooms.

Soulation Retreat number 3 is out of the gate…

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