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Plans and Change of Plans – Flexibility. Today is 02/20/10 in York, PA / Chicago IL

I am first one up at the Stein household.

Pack. Today I leave for Chicago.

I talk with Brad in the kitchen, Judy enters and makes a wonderful breakfast for everyone of blueberry pancakes and bacon and cheese scrambles eggs. I have been spoiled on this mini-vacation in the middle of my domestic work tour, and been let in to a lovely family dynamic.

The morning is spent giving Judy a little bit of Lightroom 2 tutorial and some conversation concerning post-production. She is creative; inspired with ideas with the drive to make them happen. She will pick up Lightroom soon enough and call her experience as a painter into play.

12:20pm: it is time to get on the road to the Baltimore airport for Chicago and Adrienne has ordered me a cheese-steak from a local restaurant for comparison to Geno’s in Philly. I am a little stressed as I am on my way to the airport and have yet to find a place to stay in Chicago. Without any word from any of Cathleen’s resources, I plan to get one of the hotels I researched two nights ago, starting with the Blake.

I say goodbye to Brad and Judy – Judy has made me a little snack bag for the plane.

I know I have been spoiled as I have gained weight these few short days of eating well. Such is my vacation – it was a wonderful interlude.

On the road I start calling for a hotel just different numbers that call into Hotels.com and I waste nearly a half hour of precious Adrienne time talking to inept operator/ agents. I do finally get a direct number to the Blake after I figure out what and who I have called – call the Blake and get a room for 5 nights at their Winter promotional: a sweet deal. It turns out the Blake is centrally located to everyplace I want to be. This is a first in my documentary travels (to bee centrally located) and I am getting acclimated to the idea that it will cost me $400.

At the airport, Adrienne and I embrace a fond goodbye and promise to do this again.

The flight is not direct and stops over in Detroit. I look at my phone while I am in Detroit and see a message from Cathleen: she has word of a place for me to stay for free. It is at the Episcopalian Church of Atonement about 6 miles North from my shooting schedule. I call Rector John David and leave a couple messages at the numbers emaild me from Cathleen. I do not hear back by the time I board for Chicago so I plan to keep at Hotel Blake.

I am IN Chicago and on the Blue Line into the city. Just as I exit the train door of the Blue Line at LaSalle (1.5 blocks from the Blake), I get a call from John David.

They were in the movies (he and Gary) when I called and were in the vicinity ready to come get me. I opt to continue with the Blake plan but agree to their offer to come get me and take me to the Hotel (even though it is a block away, I want to meet them). In the short drive around the block, their light and grace persuades me to change my plans to two nights at the Blake and the last three nights at The Atonement.

I decide to give the reigns to Chicago to God and let the divine be in play as it was in Jerusalem (and everywhere for that matter). Besides, they washed the Schnauzer for my visit; how can I resist?

I am very pleased with my room and Hotel Blake.

Log on to the wireless and check email – C. Boyd sends a great video: Lost Generation Video (a A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward. Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite.


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