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Remembering Maggie. 7/23/10, Steamboat, CO

Today is the day of the Whitewoods hike.

A late morning for most as many sleep in.

By 11 we are carpooling to Whitewoods.

Along the way grasses/grains (?) have been mowed and bailed into rectangles and rolls.

At Whitewoods the corgis great us and lunch is on the picnic table, giftwrapped in paper sacks.

After lunch, inside the cabin, Dale reads us something from Philip, quoting that we can find”community at the YMCA, what we are looking for is kinship”… then offers up to the gathering a Screwtape Letter to Wormwood, while smoking an imaginary cigarette (All demons smoke… but not all smokers are demons). The letter read is of an irk to Screwtape that the human creature, who despite all loss and every reason to believe in a loving God, still stands in Faith to do the Father’s will.

Eric and Randi remember to us there pain and suffering around the loss of their first born, their cherished daughter Maggie, who was born and died after delivery before that day was through . It is emotionally wrenching.

We discuss. We ponder. We feel.

Great courage is expressed in Eric and Randi’s sharing. Healing weaves another line into the fabric of all our lives.

A walk through the White Woods carries us up to 360 and I am asked to speak of my (?) vision of a consecrated space here at 360 – so I elaborate and develop further some ideas of consecrated space possibilities for the White Woods. Will this be a magical place where people meet Christ and healing comes?

Nate’s Dad has invited us all to dinner so we all return to Cimarron to clean up.

Driving back in the car we here Nate tell an amazing reunion to his biological parents.

Kevin is Nate’s adopted father – he has prepared steaks and vegetables BBQed for our delight. The air is filled with sage and the setting sun casts the most beautiful soft light across the Yampa Valley collecting at the distant ski hill dotted by a full moon rising.

Back at Cimarron 13 many go to bed, Kristie, Hoops and I stay up talking until midnight listening to Hoops’ music (The National stand out among many good bands he has collected).

Khristie mentions Rob Bell (Mars Hill) (Velvet Elvis) and Hoops shares the “S” diet:

No Sweets
No Snacks
No Seconds
except Sometimes on days beginning with S

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