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Severe Storm Watch, 02/27/11, Nashville, TN

$3.50 for coffee and off to morning worship with Steve and Brian.. It is a morning service for NRB (it’s Sunday).  It is a classic Rock-n-Roll Black-Box Service (BBS) with a comedian celebrity pastor (DVD’s of his performance are sold outside the Hotel ballroom).

Concerns of canceled or delayed flights are being expressed for flights leaving Nashville Monday. My flight leaves Monday. There is a severe storm including tornadoes announced tonight into Monday following the corridor East… that’s my corridor.

Brian and I drive to music row, my laptop searching for United Airlines information.

I set up for flight alerts with plans to check in the morning for delays or cancellation of my flight to NYC.

No parking downtown Nashville – we circle and circle and circle until getting a spot.

Nixon hunts for family gifts, I take off hunting photos. wjamesxg5z6633

wjamesxg5z6639 Nothing much.

Until… standing at a corner I am asked for money. I am not paying attention. But the guy keeps talking to me. I look at him and ask if he is talking to me.

He asks for money for food. (haven’t heard that before).

We talk for a while and I ask to take his photo.

His name is James and shows me his ID.

He hams up the shots – working it for some scratch.

wjamesxg5z6636 I give him $2.

I walk away and look back to catch him at his trade, and he sees me aiming the 200mm and gives me a rather troubled look, stops panhandling and disappears around the corner. I guess he didn’t mind posing but took offense or embarrassment to my shooting his begging.

We leave downtown and eat at Shony’s. I eat a burger – Brian eats the breakfast buffet.

Buy toothpaste.

Photograph some flowers in the botanical garden at the hotel.

Walk to the NRB conference trade show. Surprised how many Israeli companies are here promoting Israeli product to a Christian audience!

Fall asleep in a chair in the lobby.

Meet Brian back at the room – edit photos, do the log, watch Oscars.

UPS books from the C3 conference home – they will not fit in my bags.

Watch the Oscars.

Await the storm.

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  1. Posted February 28, 2011 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    Seems like you always hit NY when the bad weather is due! Nice photos BTW! :)

  2. Jeff
    Posted March 10, 2011 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Makes for good photos ;)

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