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Six Churches So Far Documented in the City of a 1000 Churches, 3/17/11, Memphis, TN

The goal is not documenting “churches” per say, but emphasizing the essential value imbued to a space via the visual arts. Always asking the question of why the lack in so many ‘low’ churches of visual beauty exemplified by the visual arts (rhetorical). Low church is a term protested for the slight it suggests, but in terms of aesthetics I think it applies.

But this is supposed to be a LOG, not an editorial. For that… www.foundationforthebiblicalarts.org – I have some writing to do upon my return.

So, my day starts again with coffee and yesterday’s log post. Addresses for the final four churches to photograph are written down for Garmin input.

Pack and go. It is 11:30 am.

Arrive at Grace-St Lukes. They have Tiffany windows (the second Memphis church so far).

The lights are turned on for me and I am left to take my time.

I am directed to a nearby Presbyterian church of Gothic construction. It is beautiful but I must check my cameras at the office. 11 years ago a photographer abused the photography privilege and sold a photo of the church to advertising – the church saw an ad for something they did not endorse with their structure dominantly displayed. They almost lost their non-profit status. Since then no photography is allowed – not even for weddings. Way to go knucklehead. I am being polite.

Walk a mile to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. No one is there but I find a side door open. The lights are off. I take a few shots. Leaving I run into a man and ask him who might be the person I can speak with to have the lights turned on. He says, “me.”

The lights are turned on and I gather a few more photos.

Grab a couple large Gatorade on sale for sixty-nine cents each and a bag of beef jerky.

I head over to St. John’s (Episcopal) where I am told it is too late (it is 4pm) and that they are going to close. I am told I can come back Friday. I ask if I can at least see the sanctuary and determine if I will make time Friday, and the answer is yes.

Karl is the one who escorts me in. Karl is funny. Karl gives me the history of the murals. Karl gives me a history of the Episcopal tradition. Karl gives me a few reasons why it is possible for Jesus to have married Mary of Magdala. Karl has some ideas for tomorrow… also showing me the back room with the vestments, and shows me how to tie a robe, rope (I have a Franciscan habit but no rope back home), tells me some personal history and a joke and tells me to take a few photos. I opt to wait for tomorrow and he says to be sure when I buzz in to ask for him.

I call it a day and head back to the Kenny’s.

Philip and Savannah make a clean and taste dinner – I do laundry. We eat outside, the weather is perfect.

They go to see a friend play basketball and I stay and edit – do some emails.

Tim Jones from the C3 Conference in Nashville likes some of my writing at the FBA site and asks if I would contribute a blog post to their C3 blog. I am honored to be asked.

It is 12:32 m – I need to call it a night.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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