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Skip In Santa Fe. It Is 4/06/10 in Albuquerque, NM.

7:30am, Brian and I drive to Calvary Albuquerque to pick up Fred, the church photographer (who is also an arborist) and head out to Santa Fe to meet Skip.

It turns out Skip is already there in Santa Fe waiting for us at the plaza Starbucks. We arrive within the hour.

We take photos of Skip, Fred and I, in various locations in the city; it is all casual, friendly and fun. Even Skip, with his Leica M9 takes photos. It is a good time and I am also impressed by the Leica.

Between Fred and I, we acquire a collection of usable shots for Calvary Albuquerque publishing and the graphic design department.

Thank you Brain for the work.

Skip suggests lunch at a fine restaurant by the plaza park (I have not had any bad food in New Mexico.

We head back to Albuquerque dropping off Fred at the church.

I load the shots into the laptop.

Brian takes me over to Skip’s house where Skip and I talk about post production in Photoshop and Lightroom. Skip had asked me if I would; I was happy to. I also get to see the quality produced by the Leica and I am very impressed again. Skip is also a very good photographer and I am wondering why he isn’t showing more of his better work online. Skip and I get into the teaching and he has the idea that I should teach at the Santa Fe School of Photography saying I have “mad skills”. (my friend Brad D. suggested this a while ago…and Gary at PC Colour [my lab in LA] also suggested I teach post at his lab…so now I am wondering.)

Brian and I discuss the possibility of my teaching post-production to the Calvary Albuquerque graphics department in July on the way back from Skip’s. We pick up a couple pizzas from Dion’s and head to the house.

I am upstairs editing the day’s photos and catching up on the Travelogue while Brian is downstairs with Isaiah and Dave G and a few others rehearsing their newly formed band for an upcoming performance. They really sound nice with a unique sound that even they can’t put a genre.

My friend, Jeff Koegel, emails his new art showing announcement, “Carbon Rainbow“: – wishing I could be there: I am digging the shots on the gallery website like: Delicate Philosophy, and Prophet with Zealot, and Dark Star, Guided by Spirits, We Stood Together As One Thing…

It is the end of the day. We are all pretty tired.

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