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Sleeping Through. 7/07/10, Albuquerque, NM

A rap at the door, morning wake-up from Brian, coffee brewing downstairs. I decide I will stay at the Nixon Household rather than go in to Calvary to work on the FBA website.

Awoke thinking of identity constructed for us by others… how that looks in a life determined for us by exterior perceptions. On the news downstairs is the Lindsay Lohan jail sentence, followed by an admission by Levi that he lied to the press negatively about Sarah Palin’s family to hurt them… Does it matter what we do if in the end it is the perceptions of others that determines who we are and thus effecting our lives (good or bad – as there are public relations firms that shape perceptions for desired effect…and profiling guilt by associations…).

Not to ponder it too long, I decide that the current file I have for the FBA website has over 100 layers turned on and off … it was made months ago when I knew where I was going with it… now it is too confusing. Better to reconstruct a new file for production based solely on the final design determined yesterday at Calvary with Brian.

My office is the Nixon dining table next to their kitchen counter, It is perfect.

Germany VS Spain (World Cup) is on TV. Brian has come home to watch it. First half is not over before Brian is asleep. He didn’t sleep while last night. Naps through Halftime. Spain defeats Germany – for the first time in a long time that there will be two teem clubs in the World Cup final that have not previously won a World Cup.

I leave with Brian and Isaiah to Calvary – there is a Wednesday night Bible Study service so the whole family will be meeting there later tonight.

Isaiah and I sit in the coffee shop of Calvary and go over some Photoshop midtone contrast techniques using layering and high pass filters…(blah blah blah yak yak). By 5:30 Brian Isaiah and I are at Mongolian BBQ called Genghis Grill - we are all impressed.

Return for the Wednesday night worship.

Skip talks for an hour (it seems) on Genesis  34.

I look over at Brian. He is sleeping… catching some Zzzzzz’s, sleeping through.

Back at the house I am introduced to Sigur Rós, an Icelandic band that hoovers between the trance spiritual and rock – the Arvo Part equivalent to the Radiohead genre. I wonder how church would be if Christian Musicians were to create music more akin to this than  the pop/rock genre of hymns and song…

I watch with Brian and Isaiah  until Brian falls asleep (he has seen it before but it is also late). I watch a few more interviews and live performances – impressed, before I too feel the weight of sleep descend upon me.

But I have gained a new perception that I will consider further: how all the arts can rejoin the church in a way that explores the uncharted of the human spirit, becoming “relevant” by having its own leading culture – a high culture based on a leading into the arts, rather than usurping the common culture in a watered down parody – a Starbuck’s mentality, or a continuance to past liturgical social sciences. What about a live and current, honestly deep and non-sentimental human revelation rooted spiritual excellence piercing the dynamics of change in human spirit and the paradox of core sameness that truth embodies? The wrong thinking by church leaders (who control spending allotments) is that the Fine arts and Church Service are separate categories. The Arts represent humanity, and the Church is the piercing into humanity via our connection to God and our opening to the transcendent of God – what is the difference? Maybe this is a topic for discussion? The church (in the case of many protestant and seeker friendly / evangelical churches) is a place where we come to be taught the scriptures but I wonder why churches are not centers for exploring the human soul in all it’s dimensions and that is the way of the artist. I must pursue this thought. I feel it is important.

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