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Smackdown, 03/06/11, Connecticut

Who put the cotton in my head?

Foggy – still trying to keep the cold at bay. No time for sickness. Clean my area at Scott’s place, shower, pack. Talk to Karin in Connecticut.

Soon we will have 34 year reunion.

It is raining.

Subway uptown to Grand Central and buy a ticket for the 12:07 commuter train to New Hampshire.

I think I am going to recap what I learned at the IAM Encounter 11, and start –but too many people board the train and I can’t concentrate with such close proximity talking.

Close the computer and Chill. Close my eyes. Rest. Karin suggested I might do this – seems like this will be despite ideas I may have to work.

Karin picks me up at the Westport Station in a silver Pathfinder.

We have a great buffet breakfast at a country club overlooking the Long Island Sound.  Much of the talk centers around ideas from the two conferences.

The little boy at the table next to me is looking at me and I ask him if my shirt is inside out – he nods, “yes”… I ask him, “Who dressed me?” – he doesn’t know – we laugh.

There are geese and deer

[ cemetarieconnecticutxg5z6843 On the way to get gas for the car and potatoes/ Chicken for dinner, we pass a cemetery and frozen ponds among Connecticut woods.  The cemetery excites me and Karin drives me back for some photos in the rain. I like shooting in the rain. The light is waning quickly.

Arrive at the house I meet John, their two dogs (who look like sheep – the dogs, not John… ) and talk with John a while.

cemetarieconnecticutxg5z6829 I hate to say it but I have lost the battle with the cold. It has overtaken me. Karin also has a cold. Hopes are that John will not get it too. Karin has put much effort into clearing my guest room of cat hair, knowing I am allergic. Very sweet and kind.  Alas, the cold has come and I would not know if I suffered from allergies now or not.

Karin thinks running around in the snow snapping photos doesn’t help…

It has been over a year since I have had a cold.

A simple and satisfying dinner in a charming and eclectic house filled with books and walls of memories. A lot of talent is suggested by the wall photos-B&W photos primarily.

Good stuff.

Early bed. Sudafed and Tissues.


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