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Standing In The Sun. 7/16/10, Albuquerque, NM

The morning is a simple one again – catch up on the log/blog, emails, return a call from Adrienne.

I notice a beautifully packaged Screwtape Letters (CDs and DVD) sitting on the counter near the kitchen, and ask to watch with Cailan. We watch the actors preform teh readings in the making of the audio series and some further information on C.S. Lewis. The performance by Andy Serkis (Gollum: Lord of the Rings Trilogy) is outstanding.

Brian comes back for lunch… after we head out to the book store discussing a book project for Skip. I may be returning in October to work on the project (but we shall see how things develop).

I see something I want to shoot – a small graveyard of Chevys… mental note to return with cameras.

At Calvary I meet with Brandy and give her some secrets to post work, helping develop some presets for a “Calvary Style” that can be reused in future publication. We discuss some creative noise reduction and further explore potentials in Adobe Camera Raw.

She is very happy with my recent photos of Skip and thinks I should move to Albuquerque – be hired by Calvary as staff photographer…

“Living Wage” is my only answer to that. (or part time maybe in blocks…travel expenses…coffee allowance…)

I head to Solomon’s Porch stopping to stand in the sun, observe the large billowing white clouds in the New Mexico sky, feeling a warm breeze  push the hot, thick air around me. I breath in and take a moment of quiet to absorb a beautiful site.

Skip comes by  Solomon’s Porch in a tux (I missed the photo-op of him riding the skateboard while wearing the tux) having just performed a wedding. We exchange emails.

I buy a small booklet on Separation of Church and State.

Brian retrieves me at 4:30  – tonight he and Mel are attending a dinner function.

I am given there SUV and take off for Tomato Cafe to work on the FBA site and gorge on gourmet Italian cuisine.

Finish up a PDF for the slide show service with the photos Jack emailed me from my home computer. Ahhh, technology.

Pick up Isaiah who is having his hair made up by Dave Gatt for a national Aveda competition that  Dave has been selected to enter highlighting a new Aveda hair product..

Document Isaiah’s hair: The Gatt Apache Supercharger Blower Do (or as Brian likes to call it, “Gatt Pomp-hawk”).

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