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Sunday is a Denver Day. Today is 02/28/10 in Colorado Springs.

Edit more of the Chicago photos (still need to edit the one’s from New York…). I already see the better work came out of Chicago.

Barry and Julia are up. I make tea and enter my Daily Log.

Barry and I leave for the Air Force Cadet Chapel (where long ago he had a Dominoes Pizza delivery route)

We get into the Airforce base and park, walk to the chapel to be told it is closed until 1pm. We wait 20 minutes in the cold watching a storm approach from beyond the mountains. Barry has never been inside the Chapal before.

The chapel is unlike any other I have seen and is a must to add to my consecrated space database.

In the Catholic Chapel I note the crucified Christ Station of the Cross; only the torso and head of Jesus are carved in bas-relief, excluding the hands and feet. Without the hands and feet pierced to the cross, the human aspect of Christ crucified is lost… the feet and hands being personal in representing our freedom and our expression, often carry emotional impact in crucifixtion depictions.

Barry and I move through the Main Sanctuary, Catholic Chapal, Jewish Temple, and the Buddhist Temple before leaving for Denver to follow up on a lead that Montview Boulovard is lined with churches.

When we arrive at Montview, we drive through Aurora, which has Barry a bit on guard, as it is known to be a rough part of town. We eventually arrive at historic Denver and ultimately deadend into the zoo. We stop at two very average neighborhood churches on the way, and I am angry for the misinformation and the use of precious time.

We head on to downtown Denver and I remember some of the better leads sent me by Mel and Barry and I find photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral. This is Barry’s first time inside a Cathedral like this.

The Catholic Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is only a block and a half a way but is in a capacity service. We are told thre is a 15-minute window beteen this and the next service, so Barry and I go get food, not having eaten all day. It is 5:30 p.m.

Full with pizza (a lot of pizza this trip), I am ready to call it a day, Barry is ready to take the window and make it happen, so we do, since we are here, and return to the Bascilica. We enter the Basilica between 6 and 6:15 and accomplish the task. It is already filling up for second service. The Cathedral really is not that ornate, and without sunlight illuminating the stained glass, the shooting is minimal.

Leaving Denver to beat the announced snowstorm, we return to Colorado Spings where Julia has spent her day casually hooking up the electronic entertainment system and exercised through a first session of their new P90X workout program.

We gather around the TV and watch the cult sensation: The Room.  We laugh a lot…

I pack to be ready for the journey to Steamboat in the morning. Watch the latest 24 on  and a few of the Canon Beyond the Still entries before going to sleep.

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