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Sunday is Church, 3/21/11, Memphis, TN


It is Sunday morning.

Philip is already at Belvue Baptist playing guitar. Instead of going to see Belvue at 11am I have persuaded Savannah (the night before) that I really want a taste of the South  and she has found a taste for me in WORLD OVERCOMERS OUTREACH MINISTRIES CHURCH. We are headed to 11 am service.

We are warmly greeted at World Overcomers. Hand shakes, hugs and blessings.

Savannah and I look to enter quietly and sit in the back but an usher greets us and leads us up front to a reserved section in the second row right behind the pastor (The Apostle) Williams’ wife the Elder First Lady. As I scoot past one woman she hugs me and blesses me a blessing. This is a great start; so much love in the house.

The music is pumping that jazz gospel glory to the Lord – people are clapping, one lady with tambourine, organ and saxophone and singers and choir shouting joy and celebrating the Good News Glory to God. A lady lays down on the steps and is covered with a red coat. Others are up at the foot of the stage crying with arms wide and dancing about. The joint is jumping!

We have a greeting and there is much hugging and blessing. I haven’t been around this much love in a long time and all these fine women dressed in their Sunday best, jewels and all, loving God and, spilling some of that on me. This IS the southern flavor I was hoping for. The men are handsome too in suits. The music continues.

Eventually the Apostle steps on stage, makes announcements and then praises the week in amazement of something he has never witnessed before – they had a healer attend earlier in the week over several days and people were healed. Rather than give a sermon today ( I was a little bummed to miss that), the service was devoted to people’s testimonies of healing from the week.

Quite a moving morning emotionally in a “in the spirit way”.

Guest Psalmist Morris Chapman is there and he adds more flavor.

wchicagoalphonsosxg5z6949 There is holding of hands and more praise.

On leaving there are more hugs leaving the building. I think I would make this one of my churches if I were living in Memphis, and maybe St. Peters Catholic¬† (and St. Mary’s Episcopal).

Savannah and I meet Philip at Swanky Taco where I have a Carne Asada Steak salad larger than my head (and certinly larger than my stomach, a Dos Equis, and a shot of Tres Generationes.

This makes for a nap, and when we get back to the house, I nap.

Upon waking I edit some photos – my laptop is over heating and only one fan is working. Upon my return to California, MacTop is going to repair (after the Niagara Bottling Product Shoot). walphonsosxg5z6966

Finish a couple photos of St Alphonsus Church in Chicago ( bottom of this log- top photo is Overcomers’ ‘Statue of Liberation’).

5:30 SAvannah and I meet Philip at Belvue for the evening chuch service.

It seems tame compared to the morning experience. The message is good though from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 answering the question of God’s Will for us.

At home we are met by Sister Hillary and her husband David and Memphis Cafe Pizza – tasty!!

We watch the movie, : “The Break Up”



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