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Sunday, Last Night in Steamboat. Today is 03/07/10 in Steamboat Colorado.

Domestic morning: laundry, clean up the condo, even iron pants, the one pair left on this trip.

I put some time into more edits – the Chicago edits are almost finished.

So time consuming.

Read more of The God of Israel and Christian Theology by R. Kendall Soulen I am a slow reader and I am only in Chapter 1 (after a long preface). I will have to continue in CA with the online version.

Work on some graphics in Photoshop, playing with ideas for the FBA…

Dale calls for a ride up to White Woods to let the dogs out – it is snowing and the scenery is stunning: I lament for not bringing a camera.

Back into town we stop at the Vietnamese/Thai/Sushi restaurant to pick up a meal before Dale’s “home church” meets at the hospital so Dale and Jonalyn can participate with the group.

We have a good meal.

Ellen, Scott, and Andrew arrive at the Hospital: it is a small group tonight but deeply intimate and sharing of souls.

Prayers and Doxology end the group.

I feel the worry, anxiety and emotion of Jonalyn over Finn’s having to stay longer in the hospital. Such openness draws us all in and we all share concerns for one another. Prayers continue for Fighting Finn and his parents. We leave resting in knowing God is good and to see the blessings around in our times of waiting.

Andrew gives me a ride back to the Phoenix.

I pack, and do a final clean – watch TV. Tomorrow I leave for CA after a stop at the hospital one last time.

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