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The Met (Again) and Out&About NYC One Last Time. Today is 02/16/10 in New York City

It is snowing again: another opportunity for snow photos.

Do my Daily Log, drink coffee, put on the pack and head uptown to 86 and Lexington, and walk to the Met for information on setting up group tours.

After talking with several people via courtesy phone (apparently I did not need a face to face first meeting as I was told when I was here on Saturday), I do have all the information I need for Met programs, Met Educational Special Custom Programs, and for Personal Lecturing tours using the Met Collection.

With that information in my pocket, I head out to walk the snow hunting moments.

Settle with traversing Time Square. Run into a couple churches I had previously photographed and am surprised how small they actually are in relation to my memory of them. Since last in New York, I have spent time in France, A month in the Czech Republic, and a Month in the Old City of Jerusalem. I see a new understanding is growing in me of ‘consecrated’ space that changes my seeing; from style to scale to active engagement by congregant. Add to this my understanding of art and interactive expression, expectation and surprise, pretense and poverty…my vision is changing.

The light of day wanes.

I leave Time Square area for a Slice of Pepperoni at California Pizza (next to Tony’s Apartment), which is an irony that a California guy is in New York buying a slice from a New York pizza joint called California Pizza, but the pizzas are absolutely N.Y. Style and NOT California style and all the workers are from another country! But that is another story – this little joint has better pizza than I have in California and I may finally concur that N.Y. pizzas are better than California pizzas.. Having said that, I add to my dinner a small salad and a chicken breast I kept wrapped and in the refrigeration of my backpack since lunch.

Wash my clothes, edit photos, and back everything up to two external drives. Pack for leaving in the morrow. It is 1 am again (the edits take about 4-7 hours each night….long long days). After deleting and editing I come out of NYC with a first edit of 1300 new photos in three categories: Consecrated, People, City (oh yes and a new folder: Art, from the Museums).

A text from Victoria says she talked to mom and she is sounding better.

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