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The Winds of Change 02/25/11 Nashville, TN

Last night I couldn’t really sleep – was given the direction to talk to Tony about Vo – then I went to sleep……………

Nixon and I are out the door a little after 7am. I crave coffee.

St. Georges is offering continental breakfast – that is where we are headed – the roads are dry as if there was no downpour last night.

It is a mini-bagels grapes and coffee breakfast. (Switch later to pomegranate tea – much better).

I see Tony in the hall and talk to him about Vo’s stroke (Tony the neurologist… what a coincidence, or divine orchestration that last night we sat together at the dinner table?). He gives me some words to pass back home.

Tony tells me that what we discussed the day before has changed his perception of his place as a Christian. WOW – that is big.

Ken Myers greets me – how cool to meet these people.

Morning prayer starts the morning, choir and Organ in the St Georges sanctuary. What we hear is a quick recap of yesterday and the notion that the ideas being expressed here on Christ, Church, Culture will make a “Big Difference in the World”

More info here as to what is taking place:


My highlights:

Speaking on “Realities and Changes in Youth & Young Adult Culture”, Christian Smith: http://www.nd.edu/~csmith22/

His research – for those with children or even those wondering what is happening in this world… http://www.nd.edu/~csmith22/books.htm

Andy Crouch introduces Donald Miller : http://www.donaldmillerwords.com/index.php

Miller is funny and insightful. My beliefs are being very confirmed and affirmed as I hear these speakers. Donald Miller is the author of Blue Like Jazz.


John Farkas & Sharon Perry speak on “Bringing Beauty to Light in the Real World” where there is a focus on living as Light and Salt.

Light to illumine the path that others may find their way. Salt because it adds flavor (to life).

Sharon http://web.mac.com/stillpointdt/StillPoint_Dance_Theatre/Sharon.html showed a preview of her project to tell the story of the Holocaust using only dance in the format of a movie… effective, and authentic, and respectful. Voices From the Ground http://web.mac.com/stillpointdt/StillPoint_Dance_Theatre/Voices.html

Frederica Mathewes-Green http://www.frederica.com/essays/ speaks on “The Culture Catch: What Makes Cultural Engagement Tricky.”

I talk with Mako for a a short while sharing a few experiences on the consecrated and he thinks of my experience with Bishop Sevin http://blog.jefflefever.com/?p=465 and his visit to Chartres and says in reflection, “ a consecrated space is like a womb, one enters and comes out born again.”

And more – the day ends with Brian and I meeting Scott at Rippy’s for some pulled pork out on the corner of Music Row. Afterward we walk the 4 blocks and I snap some photos:

Back at the hotel I have contact with Scotty in NYC – I now have accommodations through the grace of friends – a shout out to the Silverback (you know who you are).

I call Adrienne and talk with Jude for a while – a unexpected delight.

Adrienne squares away for herself a hotel and NYC is taking shape – the adventure continues as will the insight.

A young lady with a camera sees me on the lobby couch and asks if I will take a photo of there group. The irony.

Too bad I have such trouble with point in shoots – hope the photo is in focus…

Closing note:

“To have hope is not an optimists escapism – it is the only path to the future” ~ M. Fujimura

The Wind of Change is upon us.

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