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Triple Easter Sunday. It Is 4/04/10 in Albuquerque, NM.

Brian wakes me and we head out to the University of New Mexico stadium for Calvary Albuquerque’s sunrise Easter service. Brian is helping Skip and asked if I would take some photos. Brian is wearing a suit.

Arena is packed. Worship band is playing. The crowd is into it and I am moved by their expression of faith.

Charlie Hill band will soon be on stage.

Skip has a new iPad and in it are his notes for the Easter Service sermon – great use of the iPad and he wields it like a natural.

Skip delivers a dynamic sermon – I forgot how much I used to like hearing Skip preach. He has a way about him.

Brian calls me to go as he has to help set up Calvary Chapel for their next two services at Calvary Chapel and needs to do it before Skip finishes and helicopters  over to the church.

I drop Brian off at the church and take his car to see if I can get in to St. John’s – given that it is Easter, we feel my chances are good.

I walk in to St. Johns with two cameras shouldered. Easter Service is already in progress and I take a place in the back.

For some reason when the children go up front to place flowers onto a small cross, I boldly move down the right side aisle to get some photos.

A woman comes over toward me. She looks official.

She motions to me and says thanks. Introduces herself as Jane – a director of (something) and was glad I got the photos of the kids.


I introduced myself and stayed up front.

Later, Jane comes and gets me and takes me into the small side chapel and asks me to get near the alter and photograph the, but I haven’t a clue what she is asking me to do and miss all the shots of the activity (but Jane doesn’t know that)… wish I had been prepped.

I stay in the chapel for a bit and talk with a choir member.

Communion starts and I take a chance to get up front of the first pew near the center aisle and take some photos (I didn’t bring the long lens as I wasn’t sure I would be able to get any shots considering yesterday’s rejection). Communion starts and I move over to the side and record the entire communion of the full church. When the last congregants step up, I do too and kneel on the kneeler to accept the Body of Christ / Blood of Christ.

No one says a thing.

I received an awful lot of privilege for having walked in off the street.

Service ends and I walk across the street to the First United Methodist Church. Service is just starting and the ushers receive me warmly and with humor. This is an older crowd and quiet funny. I am told I can get good shots from the balcony… and so I do.

What a morning. What an Easter.

He is risen indeed.

I say a lot of, “Happy Easter” to people and each time i do my joy swells and my smile widens.

Happy Easter to all my friends.

I return to Nixons and beat the clan by 20 minutes. I start editing photos. When Brian is ready we go through the photos of Skip and make selections.

Brian’s Uncle Mark and family come over for Easter dinner: Pork Roast nd Salmon. We all talk and enjoy the night: the kids play, the dogs beg for food.

Brian and I go to the store for marshmallows for the kids to roast on the pit fire …we find giant pink and white marshmallows (I joke that we found them in the ‘building section’). Brian and I talk on about supersessionism and later in the evening I bookmark the online book by Soulen so Brian can get more familiar with Soulen’s argument.

We are all tired at the end of the night. I am so behind on my travelogue, but it was a good day!

Happy Easter.

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