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TUBING Independence Day. 7/04/10, Steamboat, CO

The morning starts with the Blog – the house sleeps, I visit Joshua Bell’s version of Chaconne hearing a bit about Bach’s life from BACH & Friends HD…

I catch up to Dale’s observations of the retreat on Firstyeardad.

Ben is the first to emerge. We pick up JCVD from where we left off. Barry joins us. In the movie, there is a monologue by Van Dame that was quite good, interesting observation of a life.

A talk on personal meaning follows. Note to myself – I need to stop speaking with so much metaphor – be less vague…

We head out to meet Dale and Jonalyn and Finn for lunch, pricing inner tubes for a river float while we wait.

There is a lot of “church deconstruction” references and spiritual abuse conversation from Molly to Dale (I am sitting by them) and I realize a scary thought: If so much damage to people is occurring from church attendance and membership (and identity)… why would I want to argue for the value of the visual arts in church worship – knowing the power art has, why would I give that fire to abusers to initiate further control and damage on the minds of people truly seeking the liberty of God’s grace and Love and Perfection? I will spend some time on this… hoping I find a satisfying solution to this new awareness that perplexes me.

We ready for the float on the Yampa Valley River: it is down to Julia, Barry and me. We score a reduced price on tubes, wait out a short but ominous summer afternoon storm, then jump into the current of the river and float downstream.

We stop in for an after river run Gelato and get back to Cimerron for Elk burgers and homemade ice cream prepared by Ellyn.

Tonight Savannah presents her photos and talks on body image judgments and recovery. We discuss.

Cultural teaching, taboos,  nurture, expression, male image, female image, gender abuse, social pressures and expectations, sex and sexy, character, age, value…

A most interesting thought that the soul has a body from which the soul gives to others (we are both soul and body – without body the soul could not express to others, or give, or build, or love, or care, or …).

The discussion is long and rich. There is a lot of love in the room: much affirmation.

Molly sings a song as several record her performance.

Several of us depart after conversation to find a vantage point uphill for viewing the legendary Steamboat fireworks show. I am so amazed (again) by the volume, density and quality of explosive light that Steamboat disperses into the late dusk sky. The sound from the fire showers thunders off the valley walls. The show starts full and continues as a 20 minute finale. It is something to see!

Back at Cimarron 13, Ben, Philip, Barry, and I play pool – a lot of laughter tonight.

I hear from my sister about my Mom’s status and write her back. It is after midnight again. Tomorrow the retreat ends at Brunch.

Bedtime. Prayer for Victoria.

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  1. Lorraine
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    ooops i see i should have commented here on your theory of darkness and the HEavenly assent here

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