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Turner and Blakes, Lizards On a Rock. 7/17/10, Albuquerque, NM

It is a puffy morning: me head is stuffed like a cotton sack.

I wake late, in time for a large scrambled egg and sausages breakfast.

Having had a steady diet of children’s TV programing over the week, this morning was too much, the tipping of the glass. Not having young children, I can only say I am dumbfounded by the obnoxious  garbage being produced to entertain and occupy children. Don’t get me started. This morning, after iCarly epsiodes and some other Disney channel programming, I cringe hearing the Warner Brothers characters (later kids versions of the characters)  reducing (I mean singing)  Beatles songs (it is weird to think that somewhere someone in programming and product development decided that children respond to dumbness and decided this is how best to feed kids: a diet of ridiculous and irreverent behavior…. whats worse to me are the parents that defend this)… truly…. LOONY is an accurate term. Worse – the TV shows tend to be like opiates… anyone do a psychological study on these – is there any adverse affect besides my wincing and waning?

I just broke me rule to not pontificate or opinionate on the travelog…. but this is “under my skin”…

How odd – today is scheduled the trip to the Albuquerque museum.

I retouch the 5 Gatt Pomp-Hawk photos that Dave selected last night and email them to Dave and Isaiah.

Update the travelog with the photos.

After lunch Mel goes to work, the rest of us take of for the historic downtown area. Isaiah drives to get his last hours required for his drivers license.  I am dropped off at teh Albuquerque Museum to see the “Turner to Cezanne – Masterpieces from the Davies Collection, National Museum of Wales”

My leaning in the collection is to the Turners – always to the Turners. I tend toward the Daumiers (and more) and Millets too (though this painting was not in this particular showing of the collection) – the colors, painting application, compositions… the one Cezanne is compositionally satisfying and classic in application to Cezanne, but the rest of the show falls weak (to me, but what do I know?)

I am standing in the permanent collection room of the museum when I get a text from Dale Fincher... oddly, I am standing in front of a painting called “The Burning of Albuquerque” by John Fincher.

Though the security guard is a bit nervous, I insist I am only using my iPhone camera to photograph the Title placard of the painting and he helps me post it through my iPhone to Dale as part of an ongoing text… Dale and I continue texting, once again walking a museum together,  though this is one weird way to do it in a techno virtual proximity. Last time was the L.A. County Museum showing of the Vanity Fair Photos.

Meet up with Brian and the kids – we head to Blake’s (a New Mexico Hamburger staple) and get green chili and cheese hamburger hors devours (home made burritos at the Nixon home are planned for late afternoon dinner).

Brian and I head off to Calvary Albuquerque after burritos and stay until after Skip’s book signing.

At 100 degrees, It was also a sleepy nappy day. Lizards on a rock.

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