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Victoria Called. Today is 02/13/10 in New York City

I hear from Victoria; Mom is home. The reason for her perceived anemia was malnutrition. She had not been eating from worry while I was in Jerusalem and hasn’t regained her appetite in the month I had been back in California. If she eats, she will be all right. No word on Steve and his pneumonia.

I study up a little on the Metropolitan Museum and have a couple cups of coffee.

I take the 6 to Lexington and 86 and walk to the Met.

From 10:30 until 5:30, I walk the Met, taking notes and using the iPhone Voice Memo to shape the curriculum I am hoping will serve the Foundation for the Biblical Arts. This is part of why I am in New York.

I see a docent tour and join as it appears to be a Bible oriented program. Learning a few things I hadn’t noticed, I asked the docent the nature of his tour to which he replied it was a private tour with permission of the Met. It was a group of Jehovah Witnesses. As we walked, one woman slipped me a tract. I said, “Look at you! Hear in the museum on vacation and you are still working! Wouldn’t you rather come to my door in California?” She laughed.

I was hoping to speak with the curatorial department about my idea, however they will not be in office until Tuesday. So it looks like I will be returning early on Tuesday.

Night falls over Manhattan as I walk down Lexington to 68th street taking photos of people eating and working…stopping in at a Mass on the way, I listen to the scripture reading and the homily. I get back on the road to the next 6 metro train to Union Square, looking for interesting shots as I walk through the cold night.

Take the 6 and get out at Union Square to a great percussion ensemble in the subway. They have drawn a large crowd. There is a lot of good talent in the subway.

Buy some Fuji Apples from a street vendor and stop in at Food Emporium for coffee and disposable razors. They do not have the disposable razors so I just buy the coffee. AS I continue walking to Tony’s apartment I notice a Whole Foods and stop in there getting a couple seeded bagels, the razors, and a roast chicken. The place is jammed with people and the express line snakes around the store – this place has 35 cashiers!!! Never seen that before (the checker tells me it gets worse then even tonight…hmmm).

Back at Tony’s; eat, edit the photos from the day – it is already 9:30 and by the time I finish it is after midnight. Never had time to type up my museum notes… but that can be done during the last week of the trip in Steamboat.

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