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Videos, Podcasts, Cellular Plans, Work Pop, and Theology. Today is 03/04/10 in Steamboat Colorado.

I woke up thinking I was at home (my own)… but I am not.

Peanut butter and coffee for breakfast.

An email from Gil (Gutman Locks) yesterday directed my attention yesterday to his videos  – I watch them.

Today continues a work begun in me in Jerusalem.

Start off with coffee and reading The God of Israel and Christian Theology by R. Kendall Soulen [review]  (given me by Dale to read) [read it online]

I rabbit trail into Rabbi and Messianic Jew, Derek Leman’s website.

In between readings and after two unsatisfting days of writing attempts for the FBA website… focus sets in and ideas pop – finally after two days of meandering around, eating, watching TV, surfing the web, and feeling unable (such is creative work, after 30 years of this, I still forget process and expect it ot happen immediately on a whim). Today is the day the content gets written and readied for review.

I continue listening to Leman’s podcasts and reading Soulen, writing content in between: read/write/read/write/listen/read/write.

I check my email and gasp at my misuse of my cell phone agreement as a notice from AT&T alerts me that I have exceeded my roaming minimum of data transmission. Calling AT&T explains the situation. I now take heed when my phone says “off” instead of AT&T in small print in the upper left corner (means the phone is off the AT&T network and using a roaming partner to which I do NOT have unlimited data transfer… tricky). I have been red flagged for the next three billing cycles and must not exceed 100mb of transfer per cycle when the service is in roaming mode. As much as I like to keep Google maps open to GPSing my movement in NY, Chicago, Denver, etc… I may have to mellow out when not on the AT&T network (which apparently is not too wide). I am told I was flagged in October too (that had to be when I got the phone and watched the U2 concert on YouTube). I notice as I talk to the AT&T assistant, that my phone in Steamboat says “off” and is roaming. Still learning about the cell phone.

Type half the writing burst into Word Documents.

6 pm, Dale picks me up and we go to the hospital. We stop at the store and I buy Jonalyn some chocolates.

We arrive at the hospital and I get to see Jonalyn holding little Master Finn (who is actually quite large for just being born). His skin is a bit red and so… Red Finn (for now). He is healthy and Jonalyn looks good and happy.

We all visit, have soup, share a chocolate truffle, until Jonalyn needs to rest.

Yes I took photos but promised not to post until later.

Edit the photos, type another few pages for the website content, drink a gingerale.

It was a good day – much was accomplished and the Finchers are a blessing.

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