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Work Day. 7/09/10, Albuquerque, NM

Early up / coffee / pack Camera gear and laptop and head out with Brain to downtown Albuquerque to meet Brandi, Khahn and Nikki from the Calvary Albuquerque Graphic Design Department.

I work with Nikki about using her camera in manual and assign them all to look for and photograph texture and form compositionally.

Later we discuss a photo assignment based around Evil (the upcoming cover story for one of their publications).

Evil – how do you depict it? I suggested they look instead for: remnants of evil.

Nothing evil about the night or the darkness…. and we went on to talk about this idea.

After lunch we return toe Calvary Chapel Albuquerque to go over post-production technique in Adobe Bridge/Camera RAW and Photoshop CS5.

It all goes well.

Brian comes into the conference room where the lesson is taking place and chats a bit before we leave.

Gil comes over to the Nixon’s house, bringing left over food from an earlier event to add to Mel’s cooking – we have a hearty dinner of pulled beef and pork, pot roast, potato salad, baked potato skins, Greek Salad and beans.

Isaiah plays guitar.

Brian and I watch MMA videos of Lesner and also of Anderson Silva.

Emails. Jack has the coding for the first page of the FBA website online. Exciting.

It is an early bed – we all wake early tomorrow at 5:30 am to be on the road to a Navajo reservation for a church ordination.

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