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Zero. 7/19/10, Albuquerque, NM

This is a day – for the Nixons, a day off from work, a day where Isaiah picks up his drivers license (and encounters the infamous frustration of a visit to the DMV), chores are done around the house, travel prep takes place: Mel and the kids leave in the morning for California by car for a family reunion, I too will be leaving Wednesday morning for Steamboat, Brian will be leaving for Kansas City the day after – I try to work on the FBA website but am easily distracted -  I close the laptop.

A couple trips to the store for travel items, lunch foods, and dinner supplementals for tonight: guests of the Nixons and a cousin are arriving. The cousin will be going with Mel and the kids in the morning. The guests are coming over to make dinner as a gift… sushi.

Before the evening starts, Dave Gatt stops by and a lively discussion starts up on Christian Legalism – the Law…. Brian lights up with the fury of a rocket. This is one passion button. Mine is art in the church and consecrated space. Something in observation I need to reflect upon within my self. I study for me will be on the operation from a ‘love’ base… how that differs from our other points of departure from which we act. I reflect on the sound of a “gong or a clanging cymbal” within me and refer to 1 Cor 13:1-13

A last trip to the store and the bank with Brian.

I retire upstairs to read a book on Separation of Church and State ( a history) by David Barton.

It is hot out.

I email with Jonalyn, Skip, Philip (who has two new songs released and also adding to his blog: “Love God With All Your More” in prep for writing a book), call back PC Colour and also Dave Tosti, monitor my sister’s updates on our Mom who had infections at the Assisted Living Home.

Guests arrive. We pack the truck so Mel and the kids, and cousin John, can take off early in the morning.

Time here in Albuquerque is winding down. I feel the need to get back to my land based computer at home base and get focused to the work at hand.

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